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GA parting out my EG hatch

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by ahedau, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. ahedau

    ahedau Senior Member

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    Nov 24, 2002
    Middle GA
    1992 Civic VX body. Has front end damage so the hood and front bumper are no good.

    Everything is $25 unless another price is listed.

    ---- Interior ----
    momo steering wheel and adapter --SOLD--
    OEM steering wheel w/ ABS
    full black/gray interior (ea. piece $25)
    rear panels --SOLD--
    gray pass front seat (no tears)
    Driver's seat (usual tear)
    gauge cluster --PENDING--
    OEM radio
    pass door panel --SOLD--
    Driver door panel --SOLD--
    full pass door w/ glass
    full Driver door w/ glass
    rear hatch cover --SOLD--
    rear seats --PENDING--
    hatch cover --PENDING---

    ---- Exterior ----
    rear hatch -- SOLD--
    OEM 'spoiler' w/ 3rd brake light
    rear glass
    pass fender
    dr. fender
    taillight assembly

    ---- Suspension ----
    pass & driver rear suspension (whole)
    hub, rear trailing arm, upper & lower control arms, springs shocks, etc
    driver front suspension (whole)
    hub, upper/lower wishbone, springs, shocks, etc

    ---- D-series stuff ----
    intake manifold w/ all sensors, TB, and fuel rail
    distributor --SOLD--
    new wires
    clutch and pressure plate (2)
    engine wiring harness
    brand new fuel filter
    new fuel pump and sock
    axles - $30 for the pair
    IACV ---PENDING---
    clutch Slave cylinder -- $10

    ---- misc ----
    1985 CRX Si 13" wheels (3) - $200
    .....new tires on 2; 75% tires on other 2
    Brand new (in box) pass axle - $50
    5-spd manual transmission - $75 ---PENDING---
    92-95 complete Del Sol exhaust (header to muffler) - $100
    every motor mount (2)
    brand new ZC distributor - $75
    manual ECUs - $50 ea
    D15Z1 (P07)
    D15B7 (P06)
    B18b1 (P75) --SOLD--
    92-95 front shocks and springs

    If you need something that isn't listed and it came on the car from Honda, I probably still have it
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