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PCV plumbing on B20 Bottom/ GSR head

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by BrianC, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. BrianC

    BrianC New Member

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    Jan 20, 2010
    I'm looking at my brother-in-laws gimpy Frankenstein engine in a perforated 95 Integra GSR. Well...it was a GSR at some point before he owned it. Anyway, it's got a B20 bottom , a 95 GSR head and a Skunk2 Intake Manifold. The GSR B16 block had provisions for Positive Crankcase Ventilation. The B20 block...she no have. So riddle me this, I've got one big hose barb on the cam cover, another on the Skunk2 Intake manifold, and a cold air intake with a hose port as well. How do I plumb the PCV setup on this puppy? Do I just go straight from the cam cover to the intake manifold and cap the port on the cold air intake? Seems too...simple.

    Why did Honda have a PCV take-off on the side of the block anyway. Does this thing rev so high and produce so much crankcase pressure that they needed to vent in high volumes from a location closer to the crank? That seems weird.

    Thanks for any help.

    Brian C
  2. EG93sir

    EG93sir Racer X 904

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    Jul 7, 2006
    jacksonville fl
    The best thing you could do would be to get an oil catch can,plumb From the cam cover to a catch can,then from the catch can to the cold air intake port.Block off the Intake manifold port.Benefits being no more oil being sucked into the engine,plugs stay clean longer.
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