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Planning my first build (b18a1 STOCK)

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by jcarouth, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. jcarouth

    jcarouth New Member

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    Oct 10, 2008
    College Station, TX, USA
    first of all, yes I am a n00b to engine building. that doesn't mean i haven't at least attempted to do a little research/learn some things before starting this process...

    anyway, i'm about 95% sure i have a bad valve seal (burning oil at a rate of about a quart every 500-800 miles give or take) and smoke is, well, noticeable when at WOT. so obviously it has a problem. it could be the rings, or so I was told, but the rebuild will take care of it, regardless.

    so i am planning on rebuilding and at this point in my engine building career i am most comfortable essentially refurbishing the engine using stock OEM parts. that said, here is what i'm planning to do...

    using PR4 OS 0.25 pistons (which will give me a slightly higher cr thus a minor boost in power, correct?) with appropriate rings from Honda.

    Here is the parts list I've come up with. am i missing anything?

    Pistons PR4 (OS 0.25)
    Piston Rings
    Piston Pins
    ARP Rod Bolts
    Valve cover gasket
    Oil pan gasket
    Oil Seal
    Oil Drain Plug Bolt
    Oil Drain Plug Washer
    Cylinder Head Gasket
    Cylinder Head Seal
    Camshaft Seal
    Valve Springs (Intake)
    Valve Springs (Exhaust)
    Valve Spring Retainers
    Valve Spring Cotter
    Valve Spring Seats
    Valve Stem Seals (Intake)
    Valve Stem Seals (Exhaust)
    Timing Belt
    Timing Belt Tensioner
    Tensioner Bolt
    Timing Belt Cover Grommet
    Oil Pump
    Oil Strainer Gasket
    Water Pump
    Spark Plugs
    Spark Plug Tube Seals
    Oil Filter
    5 Quarts 0-30 Oil
    5 Quarts Mobil 1 Synthetic 5W-30
    Air Filter
    Freeze Plugs
    Compressor Belt
    Alternator Belt
    Power Steering Pump Belt
    Upper Main Bearing
    Lower Main Bearing
    Connect Rod Bearings
    Exhaust Manifold Gasket
    Intake Manifold Gasket
    Distributor Cap
    Distributor Cap Gasket
    Distributor Coupling Set
    Distributor O-Ring
    Fuel Injector Seal Ring
    Fuel Injector Cushion Ring
    Fuel Injector O-Ring

    obviously i'll be taking the block, cranks, etc to a machine shop and i will have several people helping me during the process who have rebuilt engines before (however none of them are honda guys they have all done vintage american cars)

    oh, and about the car:
    it's a 1990 acura integra LS completely stock. I bought it for $3k with 113k on it from the original owner with complete service records. it currently has 177k miles on it and this is the first major repair (read: honda's kick ass). anything else you need/want to know feel free to ask, flame, whatever.

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