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Radiator fan won't turn on

Discussion in 'Civic and CRX - EF' started by vg_Ace, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. vg_Ace

    vg_Ace New Member

    So while I am driving around town I never hear the radiator fan turn on.My car doesn't overheat, and it drives just fine, but I never hear or see the radiator fan turn on. How do i diagnose this? Should I just buy another fan motor and put it in and see if it works? Is it really bad for the radiator fan to never come on?
  2. avelinolee

    avelinolee New Member

    just run a toggle switch

    AHHVTEC Well-Known Member

    its only suppose to come on when it needs to if the car never gets hot enough to turn the fan on then dont worry about it
  4. vg_Ace

    vg_Ace New Member

    really? so it is not damaging anything? isn't there a way to just test it? whats a toggle switch?

    AHHVTEC Well-Known Member

    as long as its not over heating your fine, but un plug the fan and run a wire from the battery to it and see if it cuts on
  6. vg_Ace

    vg_Ace New Member

    So wait unplug the fan motor and run a wire directly to the plug? What do I touch the wire to? I mean it should automatically come on right? if not i know i have a bad fan motor.
  7. B16RacerN2NR

    B16RacerN2NR Working Hard

    run one wire to the positive terminal on the battery and the other wire to a ground or the negative terminal on the battery. Don't worry about mixing the wires because if you get them mixed up the fan will just spin the opposite way. If it doesn't turn on when you touch the wires to the battery, your fan is toast...
  8. Periculum

    Periculum Senior Member

    It was several months of pizza delivery before I finally heard the fan turn on. It doesn't happen often and it's usually just for a minute or two. I hope your fan isn't toast, but if it is, there are many hondas that have the same fan as the EF.
  9. vg_Ace

    vg_Ace New Member

    yeah i tested it and it came on strong. I guess the motor just doesn't get hot enough for it ever to come on. Thanks for all the help everyone.
  10. 4U2H8ME

    4U2H8ME Beer its whats for dinner

    Have you tried changing the temp sensor on thermostat housing, that sensor signals the fans to turn on and off.
  11. Sharwood2009

    Sharwood2009 New Member

    Acura Integra Radiator Fan Will Not Turn On

    So I've tried everything on this forum on how to get my fan to switch on.

    1 I switched the Coolant Tempurature Switch at the same time while I was down there i switched out hte thermostat " which was alittle worn down but fine ". reinstalled all the hoses added coolant and ran the car to operation tempurature. still no dice the car gets up to operating temperator but still the fan does not kick in. i checked the realys the fuses everything was fine i even put a wire into the relay end to end and the fans kicked fine when i added power at the sensor the fans started fine. so now i was lost about why this could happen.

    2 this last weekend i switched out my timing belt at the same time i replaced the water pump where i was reading on this forum that could have been a problem but it still was not the fan does not turn on when it gets to operating temperature.

    still my car is getting to operating temperature the fan does not turn on and the car is starting to smell like there is coolant burning. i have looked below my car and there is alittle fluid around the overflow / lower rad hose area - so i am going to switch my lower rad hose out to see if that will fix the problem, the rad is brand new replaced in the summer - i was driving to work a few weeks ago and the upper rad hose blew a whole which was a quick fix but a major piss off at 7am but still the fan does not kick.

    so ive tested everyhting else on these forums and was going to wire in a fan switch but i dont want to make the engine to cold and it will eventually go into cold loop and will effect my fuel injection and i dont want ot waste gas. so i think my problem may be alot worse and it could be a possible air lock - head gasket issue but i will try anything that may sound like a fix. but i also may go the route in just getting a new engine rather than doing a rebuild... thoughts

  12. MthaFuknGreen

    MthaFuknGreen Green on the scene.

    why do you think you have a problem?
    maybe your car just isnt getting hot..
    i see that you live in vancouver, its pretty cold up there.
    ambient temperature plays a big role in the temp of your engine.
  13. vg_Ace

    vg_Ace New Member

    dude you have a fan switch already installed on your engine. It senses the temp and turns on or off depending on how hot it is. I switched mine out with a good one and it still never comes on. I would replace the fan switch and call it good. Just look at your temp gauge on your gauge cluster. If it goes too high then you have a problem, if not do not worry about it.
  14. Jay Emm

    Jay Emm New Member

    just making sure... if you run a bypass to test the fan or a toggle switch directly off the battery, you might blow your fan fuse, so even if the fan was working before and not turning on because tempuratures weren't requireing it to do so, it really might not be working automatically as intended afterward.
  15. Thriftmaster

    Thriftmaster New Member

    I had this same problem with a 90 CX HB, the fan never see,ed to come on but it would get good and hot. I went through three thermal fan switches. .Take out the thermal fan switch hook a continuity gauge to it and suspend it in hot water on the stove. Watch the water as it starts to heat up, the switch should kick in just as the water starts to bubble up from the bottom not when it starts to go to a rolling boil.
    If the water goes to a rolling boil before the switch kicks in and makes continuity on the cauge then the thermal fan swith is not working proberly. The factory honda switch is set to I believe 195.?? degrees and the after market ones are set to 180 degrees. But I have had both and found them both to be problematic.

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