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rebild or swap

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by alb-accord, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. alb-accord

    alb-accord Junior Member

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    Feb 4, 2004
    what's up guys??? i am new here so bare with me please. i have a 90 accord ex that has broken the exaust valve on #1 piston twice with two diffrent heads. now what is wrong with my engine that does that. i have been told to check the rods but others don't agree.
    2nd question
    are the 90-93 accord dx lx engines the same with the 90 accord ex engine. if i do change my f22a ex engine for the dx or lx engine will the dx lx engine work with my ex transmition and will the lx dx engine mount go on my ex accord???? if i buy a lx dx engine should i buy it together with the auto trans and will it all work in my 90 ex?
    hope i get all the answers in here
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