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repairin poor overheated d16y7 vtec fluctuating idle need help!

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by -Rian-, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. -Rian-

    -Rian- New Member

    new to th site,lotsa good info,thanks.anyways95 civic d16y7 vtec a/t overheated every day for 2 weeks then finally blew th head gasket.as well as th knock sensor(hard to find little piece),ECT sensor AND switch,melted plug wires in their bores,nd a beautiful milkshake in th crankcase.i have replaced th head,intake,nd valve cover gaskets,plugs nd plug wires,ECT sensor nd switch,knock sensor,flushed oil nd coolant.trans fluid is still fine.when th engine is started, th idle jumps nd falls from about 2000 to 900 rpm.up nd down like thats normal.iv not found any vacuum leaks,ignition or timing problems or IAC problems.ran service manual tests nd got voltage where im sposed to on th IAC,no shorts nd so far ECU is fine. .anyone with a similar past problem please help me out?id apreciate it.im tired of tryin to find somethin thats not presentin itself. thanks to any who give it a thought.yo
  2. haao13

    haao13 New Member

    well the d16y7 isnt vtec and are you sure its a 95? if so youd have to convert to obd2 to run the right ecu. but did you try checking the tps?
  3. xXxcaoticxXx

    xXxcaoticxXx ©aotic-©reations

    tps short out from overheating it would do that.. check all your vac lines again for pin holes or dry rot from heat...that engine should have an idle speed sensor but i cant remember for sure... that would be a couple places to start.
  4. -Rian-

    -Rian- New Member

    thought it was nd confused that car with another civic im workin on,ad15y7.it is most definately a d16y8.as far as i kno it is th original motor nd trans.thanks for spottin that,missed it.havent gotten to check th TPS,bt that is a nice simple posibility that id like to be th problem.by th way-th ECU has not thrown ANY DTC's for this problem unless i unplugged th sensor-only to check th IAC,p01509,nd it went away when replugged-th idle didnt drop too noticably.i will check th TPS asap nd post a response for y'all.i apreciate someone else scratchin their head too.cz irritably this has been kickin my butt.
  5. danijuan4

    danijuan4 New Member

    I have a D16y7 block and D16y8 head and Intake Manifold...the ECU is a p28...when changing the head gasket, I thoroughly cleaned the IM and surrounding parts with degreaser and brake cleaner...when i removed the Intake Control Valve, i noticed that the screen in the ICV was really clogged, so i cleaned it out and reinstalled the ICV...after the head job was done, the motor runs good, but the rpms at idle go up and down between 1500 and 2000...when I unplug the ICV and run the motor the rpms are steady but at about 1400...WHAT IS GOING ON?
  6. phyregod

    phyregod !!YTINASNI

    Vacuum leak most likely.
  7. phyregod

    phyregod !!YTINASNI

    Did you bleed the air out of the coolant? There is a little nozzle on top of the neck that the upper radiator hose connects to. Get it up to opperating temp and unscrew the valve.. It'll hiss and spit hot coolant, so be careful. Let it bleed all the air out of the system and tighten it back up. Could be part of your problem.. That will cause surges. Not 900-2000 surges, but its worth a shot. Reset the ECU as well, just incase.

    After that, I'd just check out every sensor one at a time. If you got the motor hot enough to melt sensors and wires, there is no telling what else is messed up.

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