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Reputable sites for a JDM Engine

Discussion in 'Civic and CRX - EF' started by Filer0128, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Filer0128

    Filer0128 New Member

    Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone knows of any reputable JDM sites that i could get a 1.5 or 1.6L SOHC Vtec engine with around 30-60k miles on it and an ECU for my car? I have a 1992 Civic CX Hatchback, it has over 160k miles on it and smokes ALOT when you put the pedal to the floor (i have to take it out of 1st gear before it gets to 20mph or it smokes, out of 2nd before 35 or it smokes... and so on). Other than that it is a great car. The smoke is kinda of embarassing since the rest of my car is decently nice, probly the nicest car at my school.

    My dad owns an autobody shop here in PA and so my car is naturally smacked down to the ground (when its not snowing), has a nice paint job, and over time i would like to convert it from rice to racer with a big engine... but that is in the future when i get money, for now just a good engine that will last me a few years.

    I would prefer it if the sites listed are ones that you HAVE DONE BUSINESS with... but anything would be helpful!!!

  2. norcalgsr

    norcalgsr Honda Master Technician

  3. 99sidude

    99sidude Moderator Moderator

    +1 for Hmotors. Thats where I got mine
  4. eg6sir

    eg6sir Supa Mod Moderator

  5. Filer0128

    Filer0128 New Member

    Thanks alot!!! thats just what i needed to know
  6. 89crxzc

    89crxzc I provide inspiration!

    hmotors ftw!
  7. Drake

    Drake Well-Known Member

    Big plus one for Hmotorsonline.com I bought my ZC from them a few years back, great customer service and a good price. I also liked how they left the complete wiring harness on the motor and I was also able to buy a ZC tranny from them as well.
  8. Citizen_Insane

    Citizen_Insane Senior Member

    hmotors ftw.
  9. skate1968

    skate1968 New Member

    Supplier on the east coast

    If you're from Pennsylvania you might consider a local supplier.

    I've used these guys for my transmission -- it cost 150 bucks and works wonderfully. They have a pretty solid seller rating on ebay. You can pick up the engine yourself and save on shipping costs.

    Japanese Engines Inc. Toll Free- 1-888-886-8898

    There are also two JDM shops in North Philly. One of which has an excellent seller rating on ebay.

    Good luck

  10. 93civicracer

    93civicracer Lick my nuts.

    +3 or 4 on Hmotors. Got my d15b vtec to me in a week, looks like brand new, runs GREAT, my harness was complete, excellent customer service and educated staff (not just any people who pick up the phone) knows just what you're looking for and can help with anything.
  11. Filer0128

    Filer0128 New Member

    Thanks alot skate and civicracer... that was really what i needed to know... i will look into that Japanese Engines Inc site it looks pretty good and i think my dad would like it more if we could go look at the engine before we buy it... but if they are too far away then i might as well pay shipping for hmotorsonline since it will cost more than $200 to drive real far in our F-350. But to BOTH of you thanks VERY MUCH!
  12. 93civicracer

    93civicracer Lick my nuts.

    Yea np :D.

    And shipping for my engine/trans/ecu combined was only $180! That's because I had some guys at the shop ready to take it off the truck, so I didn't have to pay for liftgate service. That, and I used the school's shop, it'll be like $30 extra to ship to residence is what they told me that and $20-30 for liftgate.
  13. Filer0128

    Filer0128 New Member

    yeah i called up hmotors and they told me that it would cost about $225-250 to ship the engine/trans/ecu to my dads business. They said that they wouldnt be sure on the final price till i placed the order because apparently shipping prices fluctuate from day to day, but thats still a deal! Hopefully now that the holidays are over the shipping prices will drop :)
  14. 93civicracer

    93civicracer Lick my nuts.

    What swap did you buy?
  15. B16RacerN2NR

    B16RacerN2NR Working Hard

    Just to jump in on this... HMOTORS FTMFW!!! I go pick up motors from Steve when ever I have a side job lined up and he's like 'you again? lol' They have one of the most organized shops I have ever seen. They sell TONS of other shit that they don't even advertise on their website so if you guys need anything just ask... 9 times out of ten they have it or know where to get it.
  16. Filer0128

    Filer0128 New Member

    Didnt buy it yet but gonna get a D15B with Trans and ECU...
  17. 93civicracer

    93civicracer Lick my nuts.

    Nice, same swap as mine you could look at my write-up link in my signature for some reference :). Just don't fuck up whatever it is that we fucked up on mine...

    I had it running good for a little bit. Then the fuel pump relay needed to be replaced so I did that and it's getting fuel but having a lot more problems now...can't get past like 3k rpms without it sounding like it's at rev limit and it gets slower and hits much harder when you give it more gas. I'm trying to get help for it here in my swap thread tho but nobody's posted yet.

    Gonna try putting on the old intake manifold tomorrow morning see if that's it.

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