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should i keep or buy an aftermarket intaje mani?

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by brasilianstreet, May 9, 2004.

  1. brasilianstreet

    brasilianstreet Senior Member

    i have a ls/vtec with b16 tranny jdm hydro and b16 head with gsr cams and gears etc. but i just want to know because im going boost and should i keep the Si 99-00 intake manifold or get an aftermarket one, and ifi should get an aftermarket which one is good for holding 12-18 psi and probably 300 -450 hp or whp?and does it make a differ to get an aftermarket or no and do many ppl do it? i just want to make this thng safe because boosting is already not that safe lol
  2. Bl6CRX

    Bl6CRX Senior Member

    for boosted applications I like the STR manifold, but the people I know who sell/distribute their products say there not answering their phones, so it may be hard to find
  3. brasilianstreet

    brasilianstreet Senior Member

    yea i know that was one of my options and i know sites that have them but they are to expensive right now i might just go with the gsr intake manifold .what do you think?
  4. ndogg

    ndogg Member

    skunk2 if you are only looking to make 300. revhard or edelbrock for higher numbers like 400+
  5. brasilianstreet

    brasilianstreet Senior Member

    you know where i can get an edle brock for a good price? or revhard?
  6. turboB20hatch

    turboB20hatch Senior Member

    damn how many posts are you gona make about intake manifolds ???????
  7. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

    damn, how mnay useless comments are you going to add?

    you're at a warning level of 3 for a reason. its a legit question.

    FI, go for the Edlebrock Victor X

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