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Started up my B18C in my 98ex today...I have problems *Pics and vid

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by bdub84, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. bdub84

    bdub84 Junior Member

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    Jul 13, 2006
    I started it up today. I put new trans fluid in and refilled the coolant. The engine oil was full and looked really clean, so I decided just to use that to start it up. I have everything to change the oil, though, and will be doing that soon. I did what Slurp said to do, cranking it until the oil light went off without the dist. plugged it. Then I plugged it back in and it started right up. But..I'm a little disappointed, its not running right at all.

    My two main concerns are a leak where the intake manifold meets the head, and white smoke coming out of the intake.

    The smoke happen twice. I reved it up to under 2k, and when it came back down, a nasty hacking cough sound came from the intake and a puff of white smoke came out of the intake filter, and the car stalled out. What the hell causes this?

    The picture below shows where the intake manifold is leaking. There was what looked like water bubbleing where the intake mani meets the head. Right in that little crevis circled in the pic. At that time the temp gauge showed 3/4's way to the 'H'. My d16 never ran past 1/2 way. The B18 never got past 1/2 other than when I saw the bubbleing. After that I had checked the coolant and it was down a little, so I topped it off as the Helm's manual said to do after starting and warming it up. It didnt take much at all. I later filled it one other time a little bit more top it off. If you look closely you can see a brown tinge that the bubbleing fluid left. The is on the cylinder closest to the passenger side.
    It idles really rough, going up and down between 500 and 800 RPMs. I've driven it up the drive way and right after you get to 1.5k it just quits, it will come back down and die sometimes after that. Sometimes it will stay running after coming down from the 1.5k cutoff. While reving in neutral, I can get to a little above 2k before it start acting up.

    When reving it, it will either die when it comes back down or it gets reallly low. Like 100.

    Another thing is, my radiator fan is not working at all. It didn't come on once, even when really warm. Would there be any negative effects of splicing the thermostat switch wires to have it running whenever the key was turned? Maybe wear out the fan faster, but what about driving with it on?

    Also my fuel filter had a real small leak where the fuel line bolted on. Is the probably just the washers that I was supposed to replace after removing the bolt? Oh yea, my fuel line is half civic, half integra fuel line. My stock one on the civic was too short. I had the cut off half for the integra, so I used a 3/8" brass hose mender and hose clamps to mate the teg line to my civic fuel line. I ordered a new fuel line last weekend, its taking a while to get here.

    I was running just a header. I have to weld the flanges and short pieces of pipe to my new cat. As well as an o2 sensor bung. That is going to be done tomorrow morning. This really shouldn't affect how it runs should it? It doesnt have the o2 sensor hooked up either, since I'm putting it in my cat thats not on yet. Shouldn't I be showing a CEL with no secondary o2 sensor hooked up? I havent had any CELs.

    And Lastly, I'm running 87 octane gas. Doesn't the B18C1 take 93? I guess I should have thought about that before now. Will 87 have any negative effects? I have a half tank.

    Here is a vid of it idleing. You can kind of hear what it sounds like: http://www.bdub84.com/Pics/B18/Idlevid.avi

    Sorry for the long post. I just try to be thorough so you guys can understand me fully.

    Here is a pic of my bay for fun. I have an AEM hybrid CAI in the mail. So my intake rig up will be off there shortly.
  2. boosted_ek

    boosted_ek Junior Member

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    Aug 4, 2006
    just dont do any high revving untill all the 87 octane is out of your tank... you might detonate.

    I didn't read everything but if there is white smoke going out of that place there might be an intake manifold gasket leak. First check to see if any coolant hoses are leaking first (i believe there are a few underneather that area). IM gasket leaks usually make the car idle real high.. unless of course the leak is real bad then it'll idle real shitty. If all the coolant hoses check out.. you got an IM gasket leak (ive never seen a gasket so bad that coolant would spit out though)

    For your overheating problem.. how did you pour the coolant in? Did you leave the rad cap off with the heat on full blast?.
  3. qtmac_mien

    qtmac_mien Senior Member

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    Dec 17, 2003
    if ur runnin a JDM p72 then it will not throw a code for the secondary o2 sensor...for the coolant u should start ur car and let it run until ur car is up to normal operating temp. when the thermostate opens and start to pour in the coolant until all the bubble is gone and the coolant is all the way up to the top of the rad. then put the cap on...for ur fuel line u should order a 99-00 SI fuel line cuzz that will fit, i have the same swap in my ek...on the idle prob. check ur IAC....the fan prob. i have no idea cuzz my fan doesnt work either after my swap but one time it came on..ive been drivin my car for almost 6 months now without the fan and everything is fine so far..
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