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Swap for low and midrange grunt ...but with traction

Discussion in 'Civic - EP, FA, FG' started by d17type-R, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. d17type-R

    d17type-R Doc Brown says

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    Sep 21, 2006
    Langley BC
    Ok, I would like to hear any suggestions with regards to a motor and tranny swap. The car is a 2004 EM2 Coupe. I believe it has a SOHC non-VTEC 1.7.
    It's an LX Canadian model... not sure if that helps.

    -Low-End Torque
    -Solid midrange
    -Good Pull while in midrange
    -Get close to Eliminating wheel hop
    -Decent high range pull
    I know I'll have some suspension work ahead, but that's what a TEIN EDFC is for.

    I had heard from some that locating a type-r k20 is worth it.... is there such a motor?
    I had heard some cat say that a k24 type s setup is the way to go...

    oh, the other criteria is that it has to be compatible with a quiet exhaust.
    I was thinking of a WSII... heard it wasn't nasty and raspy
    The exhaust will have some custom bending so that it's a center-tip flushed into the bumper.... or maybe two small tips out the side^_^

    Either way, I want to do this right the first time.
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