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tons of parts

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by britchick2203, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. britchick2203

    britchick2203 New Member

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    Aug 5, 2007
    Hey everybody, I got a whole bunch of parts that I need to get rid of...

    1. 92-95 4 door passenger side power mirror
    2. 2.25in high flow cat
    3. muffler clamp for a rice can, brand new, never opened
    4. lighted rearview mirror
    5. manual rearview mirror
    6. 92-95 civic headlights, 2 pairs, stock
    7. 92-95 civic airbags, passenger and driver, with control unit
    8. 90-93 accord fuel rail (f22a1)
    9. 90-93 accord valve cover
    10. 92-95 civic lower rad support

    i also have a bunch of dsm stuff...

    1. 7 bolt water neck and water pipe
    2. 2 1990 turbo throttle bodies with sensors
    3. 90-91 oil sending unit (oil cooler)
    4. 6 bolt waterneck
    5. 1g big rods and pistons, stock bore, mint condition
    6. 1g timing tensioner/motor mount
    7. a whole bunch of 1g throttle body elbows
    8. 2g a/c bracket
    9. 1g turbo gauge cluster set to 0 miles
    10. brand new balance shaft elimination kit
    11. 95-99 euro taillights (small crack in passenger side, but is barely noticable)
    12. 6 bolt and 7 bolt intake manifolds
    13. 2g a/c compressor
    14. 7 bolt fidanza flywheel
    15. 1g turbo mass air flow sensor, unhacked
    16. 1g black top cam angle sensor
    17. 1g fuel rail
    18. 1g driver side corner light
    19. 1g oil pickup
    20. 6 bolt main bearing caps
    21. egr valves, a few
    22. 1g knock sensor
    23. 1g front motor mount
    24. 93 talon radiator fan
    25. 2g coil and power unit
    26. mint condition 6 bolt crank
    27. 1g ecu main harness

    i have pics of everything and it is all best offer. also willing to make some trades. local pickup is allowed, will ship but buyer will pay actual shipping.


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