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Trans housing wont go on?

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by rekless02, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. rekless02

    rekless02 New Member

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    Jul 18, 2007
    hey guys, im not sure this is the right part of the bored, if its not sorry first time here :) Im working on my 91 Civic which i was having some tranny problems with (L3 Trans, 5 speed man), well i got them taken care of (I think) and now i cant get the casing to go together right. once the countershaft bearing has seated in the upper casing i still lack about a 1/4 inch for the case to go all the way down. ive removed the snap ring in the upper housing just to check and see if that was the problem. I can remove the countershafter bearing and put the housing on and everything sits fine, but with the upper bearing on I cant get it to seat properly. ive taken the countershaft apart 2 times now to make sure everything was there right and from what I can tell its all there and sitting right, will shift into all the gears that it is supposed to ect ect. anyone have any idea's? im scratching my head here lol

    thanks :)
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