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Turbo build

Discussion in 'Civic and CRX - EF' started by CRXICAN89, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. CRXICAN89

    CRXICAN89 New Member

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    Mar 22, 2012
    Hey everybody im gana be doing a turbo build in my rex never messed with turbos be4 but want to give it a try any suggestions would be great i currently have a b18b1 in it at the moment. I also have a b18c that i was gana build to a poormans type-r but ive been doing sum research and its harder n cost more money to get alot of horsepower out of n/a so i decided to go forced induction.
    Heres what i got in mind for the turbo build correct me if im wrong, my goal is to push between 350 n 450+ horsepower and yes i want it as a daily driver n weekend beast. Let me no what u think, the stars are for the things i already have

    bottom end
    b18b1 bored over to a 84.5mm and sleeved dart midwet sleevs *
    b18b balanced crank shaft*
    eagle h beam rods*
    wiseco low comp pistons
    arp head studs*
    new oem honda rod and main bearings

    top end
    b18b1 p75 head port n polished*
    brian crower springs and retainers and stage2 turbo cams
    skunk2 6 bolt cam gears
    skunk2 pro series intake*
    aem fuel rail
    1000cc injectors
    msd dizzy and external blaster coil*

    b16 lsd tranny with ls 5*

    0bd1 p75* want to tuned it with hondata s300
    hopefully set the rev limiter to 9 10,000 rpms if possible

    for the turbo a whole t3/t4 hybrid turbo package from ebay for now

    i might be missing sum things but thats wat i have in mind let me no what u think thanks
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