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Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by eyesonlybob, May 4, 2003.

  1. eyesonlybob

    eyesonlybob Senior Member

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    Oct 25, 2002
    im interested in learning how to weld. i can take a few classes at a local community college this summer, but i dont know what to take.

    the courses i was thinking of:

    Introduction to SMAW: Covers topics in shielded metal-arc welding (SMAW) safety, basic fabrication and repair, and customer relations. (advanced SMAW follows this course)

    Introduction to SMAW qualifications and fabrication: Provides instruction in safety and proper procedure for arc welding using basic fabrication and repair problems for practical applications.

    theres also some tig, and mig welding classes...tons of stuff. what is SMAW? tig? mig? oxyacelylene?etc...

    all i really want to do is weld pipes. exhaust piping to be exact. course other things would be useful too. does anyone have any suggestions as to what classes i should take? any input is appreciated.
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