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Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by 80civicwagon, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. 80civicwagon

    80civicwagon Junior Member

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    Mar 3, 2005
    i need a b18 non vtec and every thing else needed for a swap <_<
  2. baker423

    baker423 Senior Member

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    Jan 20, 2005
    Upstate New York, 14882
    From what you have posted already in other threads/posts,sounds to me like swaps may not be something you should get into!
  3. matts91hatchls

    matts91hatchls Member

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    Aug 28, 2004
    elizabeth nj
    i was looking to sell my car whole but im willing to part with the motor if the price is right. here is whats done to it

    www.Cardomain.com/id/matts91hatchls (this was my car last summer, ive done some more things since then

    ENGINE:::::Worked LS::::::::FRESHLY REBUILT
    THE LS is a Freshly rebuilt engine:TYPE R JDM ITR Pistons (side coated), FILE TO FIT RINGS, Brands spanking new Rod, Main Bearings, freeze out plugs, Gaskets and all.
    This engine was built for a nice vtec head but unfortuanatly funds fell short during the build so i ended up useing the stock head (new valve stems seals), my car ran a best of 14.1 with this engine,

    I Just recently turned the 1500 mile on the motor, and gave it a compression check again, the first time it was about 200psi all across, after 1500 miles it was 210PSI just about all accross

    8Pt roll cage (removable cross member bar for access to rear seat)
    Fuel Cell 8gallon
    Custom Hand made(fit to the car) removable Firewall box for NHRA legal competition
    Battery relocated with chrome box
    sound deadening removed
    Gutted except dash
    Sheet metal interior
    Strut tower braces (cheepy ones)
    Hasport 2" drop (looks like more to my eye)
    5Pt race harness
    Hood Pins
    3rd racing seat in the middle of where the old seat use to sit (affectionaly known by friends as the baby seat, or co-pilot seat)
    Air fuel Gauge (autometer, acting funny)
    SI dash board
    New Paint, Flat black outside and POR 15 interior
    7 Kill switchs ( they have been trial and tested against real crooks) (they failed)
    Viper beeper alarm (not fully installed yet) (for the just in case) (hood, door and vibration detection sensors)
    15 inch 3 spoke rims (fair/poor condition) Kuhmo escta 711 tires on front (BS ON THE BACK)
    AEM Cold Air intake
    Pace setter Headers (painted flat black)
    2.5" Header back (no Cat)
    K&N Cone Filter
    Center Force Dual Friction Clutch (5000 miles) Holds Really good, never slips
    5 SPD Trans (grinds really high RPM 3rd gear)
    Stock Axles (rebuilt Just months ago)
    Integra Full size Raditor
    Car seat covers
    Floor Mats
    CRX front bumper
    Front suspension rebuilt just months ago

    the engine and tranny mods would go with the setup.....if i was going to part it out.... Make me an offer, either on the car or the b18a1 swap
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