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    Looking for an N/A honda tuner

    I need to Dyno Tune my LS/Vtec and I would prefer someone with knowlegde with N/A Hondas to help me out with timing, cam gear settings and POSSIBLY a custom chip. It is an OBD-0 set up so no realtime ecu programming. Any recommendations. I am in CT
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    3rd gen accord

    Actually Place Racing and I think the car looks good.
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    Misc B-series Parts And Autox Tires

    sure I can do it tomorrow for you.
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    Misc B-series Parts And Autox Tires

    still have most of this stuff
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    Limited Slip Differential

    I think you are wrong. An LSD means both wheels will spin "50-50" no matter what the driving condition. This gives better traction. An open differential means that power is given to the wheel that spins more freely. This isnt good for drag racing or any type of autox.
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    Misc B-series Parts And Autox Tires

    All parts are located in CT. Please make a reasonable offer. You can check my seller/buyer feedback HERE P-72 rods I was told they were ITR rods but upon arrival I saw the P-72 and found out they are GS-R rods. any questions on them ask board member "Civiconroids" B16A2 Camshafts. I...
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    87 Accord B18b1 Swap

    Place Racing INC makes everything you need to put a B-series into the 86-89 Accord. Expect to pay about 1500 or so on all the stuff (mounts, wire harness, axles, shift rod). Also tell him to check out 86-89 Accord messageboard
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    Wtb: 90-93 Integra Rear Bracket

    picked one up locally....thank you though!
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    Post A Pic Of Your Ride.

    Old School.....
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    Wtb: 90-93 Integra Rear Bracket

    Looking for the 90-93 Integra L shaped rear bracket with bolts. EDIT: TRANNY BRACKET :D I should have specified.
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    Difference Between B18a1 Head And B18b Head?

    So basically eveyrthing is the same except for the cams?
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    Difference Between B18a1 Head And B18b Head?

    I know the cams are different, but is their anything else? Are the port sizes the same? Reason being, I have a B18A1 head I do not need and my brother in law has a 94 LS. he would like to get some head work done and put it on his 94 LS.