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    Bought a CR-V

    I've used Gyeon Rim on my track wheels with great success. I'll be giving this a shot when I get back in a garage.
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    1996 Accord H23a Bluetop

    Car looks great, well done!
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    2014 Veloster Turbo

    Must be a Northeast thing? I didn't see many of these in Dallas and I have yet to see one in Idaho.
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    2014 Veloster Turbo

    Love the color :thumbsup:
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    Matt's s2k Build (Project Mess2k)

    Of course! :) There's not much to report on the s2k, unfortunately. I recently moved from TX -> ID so I have it in storage for the time being. I'm building a house, 2 jobs, gf, so free time is non-existent lol. I will hopefully find a shop with a lift and get the engine tossed in soon. The good...
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    oil is in the red

    I left Halliburton ~1 year ago and sold all stock tied to the energy sector. It was easy to see the writing on the wall when your managers were holding the pen. As linked above, these are futures which aren't as significant as the media would like you to believe. But even at $21/bbl, a few of...
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    Sick S800

    Love it!
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    COVID Stimulus and tax law changes, unemployment

    That was definitely not intended to be a flex lol just wondering
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    COVID Stimulus and tax law changes, unemployment

    I owed the most I've owed this year.. ~$2k. No stimulus but I genuinely don't need it.. when are they supposed to have all the stimulus checks rolled out?
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    Wow, not sure how I missed this build until now.. Looks great! Awesome work and welcome aboard!
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    COVID Stimulus and tax law changes, unemployment

    I've already filed owe money on my taxes this year. Do I still have to pay the dudes in black suits on April 15th?
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    Bought a CR-V

    I used Gyeon Rim ceramic coating on the wheels and brake calipers of my ZL1. Even with the ridiculous amount of heat from tracking the car the brake dust, rubber, track grime, etc. rinsed right off with a pressure washer. Ceramic coating is great stuff!
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    Bought a CR-V

    Nice! Inb4boost
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    Turbo build

    Stock bearings are actually considered the best by most who build these engines. There are many reasons Hondas run for as long as they do, and one of them is the bearings. I'd run stock bearings if you can, make sure to use Plastigage and take your time to get the clearances dialed in. If you...
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    q’s for d16z6 turbo build

    @awptickes is doing a d-series turbo build that should be there when it is done., check out his thread. You're going to need to do at least forged pistons, rods, rod bolts and head studs at a bare minimum. The sleeves should be fine at your power goal.