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    IN WTB: Civic or Integra

    Im looking for a civic or integra for around $2000 so I can get rollin on a new project. let me kbow what you have.
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    crx ls/vtec for sale trade w/e

    Price? Pics? Location?
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    99 Honda Civic EX 5 Speed Coupe Partout

    Would you part with the shell?
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    i have cars for sale!!!!!!!!!

    I doubt it. This was posted in September of last year!
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    tw: Need advice on listing price

    where are you located?
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    IL 95 Integra SE, CHEAP

    would you be interested in trading for a 95 civic?
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    PARTOUT/FS 89 Integra ls

    Price? Pics? Location?
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    Help It Won't Start!

    this one is done it didn't have any compression but thanks!
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    Help It Won't Start!

    Ok one last question, should i check the fuel injector pressure regulator as well?
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    Help It Won't Start!

    Any one else have anything to say before I spend $75 on the fuel pressure regulator?
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    Help It Won't Start!

    I have a z6 head on an a6 block. It is turning over and getting spark, but it is pumping out way too much gas and it will not start. I am pretty sure it is a sensor but I could be wrong. If anyone can help me please do because my anniversary is next week and I need a vehicle asap!
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    obd2 LS ????

    well if it is a complete motor you will need an OBD2 wiring harness and ecu
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    96' Civic LX - What do I need to do to go to V-Tec?

    It all depends on what kind of motor you want. The easiest/cheapest swap you could do is another single cam D-series swap like a D16Z6 or a D16Y8, or you could go for the dual over head cam LS swap or GSR. You will have to decide which motor you want, which does not have to be from a 96-00, or...
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    CT looking for ecu's

    i have a P06
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    civic parts for sale/ d15b7

    sorry yeah send it to 765 309 8272
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    92 EG HATCH b18b swap

    location? price?
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    testing the waters 93 honda civic si Lots of pics!!!

    its clean but where are you located?
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    civic parts for sale/ d15b7

    do you have a pic of the header
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