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    why canada sucks

    bubbleboy, stop saying french this and french that, there is 1 MAIN french province in canada, quebec, not everyone ( myself included) speaks or even knows any french, its seems more like u hate the french than canada, i bet $$ u cant even name our capital city without refering to google, when i...
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    I hate the people in this country

    you guys need to move outa the USA and see ur country from someone else's eye. also, not all canadians are french. i dont speak french, but saying " fucking french canadians" just shows how stupid u really are, and can't let another culture in your country. h22abubbleback, u arent even worth...
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    I hate the people in this country

    damnit u guys are dumb, dude the reason u got spit and yelled at is b/c canada is a peace loving country. we are like britian and alot of our citizans hate wars, b/c they solve nothing. to sisteve, i would rather die than move to the USA, u are cocky and arrogant(sp?) and need to rethink ur...
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    Help Building a B18a

    ok sol time for me to pic apart what u just said. about ecu and harness, if u read the article. it was abouthim putting a z6 harness and ecu on a d16a6. you can put h22a's in 88 and earlier accords, but its alot more work and $$, they dont drop right in with mounts. a vtec/turbo has a...
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    Help Building a B18a

    lol, u guys are cool. how much misinformation have i given? i havent had personal experiance with LS rods, but friends, and stuff i rea says the LS rods cant hold over 7500, and personally i wouldnt trust them to go over that. U also have 0 proof that they CAN run over 7500 RPM, u say they do in...
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    What color should I paint my hatch?

    i think graphite would be nice, maybe a dark copper.
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    Bwahahahahahahaha v2.0

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    very nice crx! and its for sale

    very nice car. i dont even mind the wing that much.
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    Prices on Roll Cages

    i believe my friend paid around 350 for his, but ive seen them go as low as 150 already assembled. ( my prices are in canadian.)
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    Help Building a B18a

    ls/vtec, ur a moron. i know so many b18a/b engines that were built to run LS/Vtec or LS/nitrous and the rods couldnt hold up after 2 seasons at the track. i dont really care if ur LS rods have held up for a few months, in the long run they will go, and then u will be fucked.
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    Funky shudder from standstill

    it could be a hard clutch, if u are running a very extreme clutch and u dont know how to drive it right yet, the car can studder when at low RPM's with low gas. u will only really notice this if u have a hard clutch and aftermarket engine mounts.
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    92-95 Civ HB

    b4 any1 flames u, u are in the wrong forum, try posting in the eg/ek forum. this forum is for 88-91 civic's. the best engine would be a b16, b18c1 or b18b depending on future plans and $$.
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    Best Bars?

    i got neuspeeds front and rear and i love em.
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    Help Building a B18a

    #1 everyone knows what i mean by rods not being able to spin past 7500 RPM anyway, so what does it matter. by letting go i mean they cant handle any higher RPM than 7500. #2 No JE doesnt make rods, i was looking on the crower websight, and i mean crower rods, not JE #3 didnt know that. also...
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    new Modifiers toy cars

    holy hell, that CRX looks exactly like mine!
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    b16a2 head on a b18c1 block

    the guy that ownz the b16b with b18c1 head says to say, that the reason he does that is b/c the combustion chamber on the GSR head is different bumping up the C/R, and he says it makes no torque, only rev's high, so he has to get off the line with a good 60' to get a good run in. he also says...
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    Plane > Deer....NWS....(blood)

    that is by far the best thing ive ever seen.
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    What is your desktop

    That is my halloween costume, called captain colours. i was so proud when i found that, LoL. yes im 18, and yes im wearing that. feel free to flame away
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    Hummers suck

    its called an intersection B, think about it. 1 person is turning the other is going straight through... DUH!
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    Which tranny?

    dude, dont use the LS tranny on a b16a, its fucking pointless, ur shift points if ur shifting at 8000 will take u out of vtec, for about 1000 RPM which will rip apart ur 1/4 mile times. take it back to them and tell them to change it or ull do something.. also, JRSC is a waist of money, get a...
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