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    Star Wars Kid

    I have a friend whos last name is tribble just about everyone who meets him says something about the star trek creatures. Those remixes are the funniest things ive ever seen :lol:
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    Turbo For 88 Crx Si?

    honda tuning magazine made a custom turbo kit from a used eclipse turbo. they did a whole walk through on it in the april 03 issue.
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    Honda Civic Si Rims

    are these sold??
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    Top Speed - Who's Done It?

    120 on the sprain parkway in my stock 02 ex coupe. It just wouldnt go no mo'
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    New Here...

    I like my girls like i like my and imported B) :D ps welcome
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    Hurry! Nitto1320 Slots

    holy crap I dl the 1.00 update and install then try to run it "This release can nolonger be played an update is required" so i go back to the nitto site and WTF version1.01 they updated in 30sec . :angry:
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    Hurry! Nitto1320 Slots

    we need more members on the honda swap team. Im looking at some of the challenges we are getting and the other team has almost double the members we do
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    Desktop Dyno 2000

    Send it to me if you get a chance my email is thnx
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    Holy Stolen Tail Lights Batman!

    :fuckyou: and I put in here by accident. :moon:
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    Holy Stolen Tail Lights Batman!

    I was driving to the store today and a see a car with rsx tailights but its way to long to be an rsx. Upon closer investigation I come to find that its the new dodge stratus adn that not only do the taillights look identical but the dark headlights could almost pass for the jdm integra lights...
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    Hurry! Nitto1320 Slots

    anyone know a good set of gear ratios that i can put on my civic hatch in the game? Im running a turbo @24psi and it puts out 400hp. engine is built and I have a high pressure clutch
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    Hurry! Nitto1320 Slots

    yeah i found that out the hard way just blew my engine, I need 2k in repairs only have 600 and i now run in the 20s instead of the 12s i was just running
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    Hurry! Nitto1320 Slots

    anybody got some suggestions on how to get out of the hole fater my reaction time is almost 2sec :angry:
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    Hurry! Nitto1320 Slots

    Do we have an HS squad on this or is it everyman for himself? Also was anyone else limited to only the civic si upon signup?
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    This Proves It

    I wonder how long it was before the guy left. It would make them look even more stupid if they were standing out there talking him out for over an hour and he had left 5 min into the ordeal. :owned: :ufucktard:
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    K Series Franks

    Thank you :)
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    K Series Franks

    what honda tuning is that in Im interested in reading that article.
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    Good Bye 56 Ghey

    I had verizon :puke: If you can get a router so you dont have to use their ghey software it will crash your sysem regularly. A few of my friends had the same prob. The router should have its own ppoe software built in. Good luck hoep it works for you :)
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    Good Bye 56 Ghey

    Dsl is Ghey compared to cable Ive had both and cable rox :D
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    New Online Racing Shizzzzzzzz

    Im done with that game I can never get on and It just doesnt want to work for me. Ill wait till the HS version comes out before I spend any money on that kinda thing.
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