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    '94 sohc vtec civic coupe.

    So... let me get this straight... you're sellin THIS one cuz you're going a way to college, you're sellin the prelude that is "your" car, then the silver prelude that was bought as a project car that you just don't have time for, you're selling the Integra from the BMW dealership, and lets not...
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    Seats Question...

    Ok... here's a random question... forget for a minute all of the "why would you want to do THAT?!" questions... Would the seats from an NSX bolt into a CRX? Yes... I know... anything CAN be done... but I'm wondering if they would bolt in (fairly) easily. Probably not... but does anyone have...
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    Which Transmission?!?!?!?!?!

    Riiiiggghht... good luck finding one! If you do find a place that has some, let me know... I'd love one!
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    WTB 5th gen rear deck lid

    The latest SS rag had a section on carbon fiber products... there is actually a carbon fiber deck lid listed from Arospeed. A quick glance of their website didn't find it, but here's the info from the mag... 305.969.9973 Maybe ALLJDM can order you one. :) If they had...
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    need stopping power
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    short shifter

    I've had a Neuspeed one sitting in my garage for months in the box... I haven't gotten around to installing it.
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    Gallery Open!!!

    I like it, except there doesn't appear to be an easy way to tell who already has an album up... any thoughts?
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    86 crx engine swap with 91 crx is it possible?

    HASport also now makes a kit to swap B-series engines in, so a first-gen B16 is a possibility too... albeit a more expensive one.
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    WTB: 1985 Civic Service Manual

    w00t... that used Helms I ordered came into yesterday... in flawless condition... Now just need to get the car (later this week).
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    What will $100 buy YOU?

    Thanks... I will be sure and check the valves out first... I had another guy (on the CRX mailing list) recommend I do the same... that it could just be in BAD need of a valve adjustment... In related news, my Helm for the 85 Civics came today... I'm going to have to put a bookshelf in my...
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    What will $100 buy YOU?

    :huh: ..... So anyway, did I mention I'm getting an '85 AWD Civic Wagon for $100? :P
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    Cheap LS/VTEC?

    The problem is the head is in JAPAN... d00d don't pay to ship a head from Japan... I'm SURE you can find one in the US.
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    And if you REALLY want to do it right, you place some weights in the drivers seat that add up to your weight... and THEN corner balance it... No sense in tuning your suspension so that the car handles it's best when it's empty! ^_^
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    6 speed EG?

    Hrmm... I don't think the tranny from a K-series engine will bolt up to a B-series. Sorry bud.
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    What will $100 buy YOU?

    Hmm... well, I have a wife for that... so I think I'll go for the wagon... Thanks tho! :rolleyes:
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    Question about Sigs...

    He said "god"... which I take to mean something entirely different than "God." The capitalized version is all-knowing... the lowercase version is defined (in one way) by Merriam Webster to be "one controlling a particular aspect or part of reality"... Since sol controls this little part of...
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    Question about Sigs...

    Hahaha... how's that for a straight answer?
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    Question about Sigs...

    Ok some people have links in their sigs that work... It seems that HTML and BB code are disabled for me... I've noticed it disabled for some others as well... wazzup with that? :(
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    'TEG swap q's

    Yep... if you already have the LS block, you can have Golden Eagle Mfg resleeve it and bore it to 84mm (2.0l, just like the B20) for about the same as the cost of a B20 block. Email Vince and he can tell you all about it. Once you get your block back...
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    WTB: 1985 Civic Service Manual

    Yeah I know... that's where I got the manual for my CRX. Didn't want to pay $50 for a photocopy again... so instead I used to search for one. Found a used one for $25. B)
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