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  1. BrutalB83

    Car Repair Hack jobs

    I remember a video I saw where some Russian guy made wooden brake pads and they actually did work pretty well for stopping the car, but they got shaved down to nothing really fast. I'm surprised they didn't catch on fire.
  2. BrutalB83

    2004 Mini Cooper

    Ha! Apparently I didn't read well enough. I thought you had put a new muffler on. Nice work with the rehab!
  3. BrutalB83

    2004 Mini Cooper

    Do you guys have to have an OEM or OEM-spec muffler to pass inspection? I'd think that you could have gotten a muffler for a lot cheaper than $378? Just curious.
  4. BrutalB83

    Anyone have a side job?

    I supervise an ACT testing site 6 times per year. It's a contract position and we are paid per testing event rather than hourly. I'm in charge of recruiting proctors, booking classroom space, receiving the testing materials, sorting them, and then passing them out to my proctors on test day...
  5. BrutalB83

    Are you going to get vaccinated?

    I'm totally fine with people questioning the safety of a vaccine that was developed so rapidly and I'm fine with people making their own choices regarding what they put in their bodies. I personally decided to get vaccinated but I'm not about shaming anyone else for their personal decisions...
  6. BrutalB83

    Garage heat options

    Sorry for thread necromancy, but I remembered seeing this conversation and wanted to ask what you ended up doing. I'm looking at a similar situation for a house I'm in the process of purchasing.
  7. BrutalB83

    Sold the Bronco .. Bought a Excursion

    Same. I'm enjoying this thread, but car audio was never something I got in to beyond just upgraded head units.
  8. BrutalB83

    1999 Honda civic daily driver 300hp looking to get 500hp with turbo what kind of tires should I use?

    Before we talk about the tires, let me get this have a built B20 that makes 300 hp naturally aspirated? If so, that's impressive. That engine in its current form is probably not going to be appropriate for a turbo, though.
  9. BrutalB83


    Yeah, avoid the D17 engines. They're crap for modifying and just crap in general.
  10. BrutalB83

    Are you going to get vaccinated?

    I just had my 2nd dose on Saturday. Arm soreness for a few days is all I felt from either one, so I guess I got off pretty easy compared to most.
  11. BrutalB83

    Help with my swap

    Oh, and I buy a lot from this place: It's not just K-series. They sell parts for most all Hondas and other makes as well. Shipping is always fast and good communication.
  12. BrutalB83

    Help with my swap

    The K24 is a much superior engine to that D16. If it were me, I'd buy the TSX and then start selling the D-series stuff to fund the swap. That's just me, though. You can certainly have fun with a turbo D-series.
  13. BrutalB83

    1993 Honda Accord Build or swap?

    What are your goals for this car?
  14. BrutalB83

    Honda Civic Horsepower Gains

    Yeah, like Brian said, it's not the best platform to work with. If you just want a decently quick car for the street, a K20 or K24 swap is relatively easy and the K-series responds well to pretty much anything (bolt-ons and tuning, forced induction, etc.). The Macpherson suspension sucks...
  15. BrutalB83

    Coming Soon to an RSX in My Driveway...

    So, because apparently I like to piss away money, I actually ordered another set of headlights from a different shop and I'm going to put the other ones up for sale. Probably should have just gone with this guy in the first place since he started out as and he's literally done...
  16. BrutalB83

    Dmx died

    But who will we cause to lose their mind and act a fool now???
  17. BrutalB83

    Jared's 96 Midori hatch K swap build

    That sounds like a steal. Every used Toyota truck or SUV I see on Marketplace and Craigslist is ridiculously overpriced. Been trying to find a reasonably priced Taco for a minute now.
  18. BrutalB83

    Maybe blowed F22B1 '97

    Everything from January 1996 onwards (plus some models that launched in late 1995) should be OBD2. There are a couple of variations on OBD2 though. 96-98 was OBD2A and 99+ is OBD2B, so the easiest, most drop-in H22 swap is going to be an engine from a 96-98 Prelude. I wouldn't worry too much...
  19. BrutalB83

    Maybe blowed F22B1 '97

    One that matches your car's OBD setup would be best, yeah. An older engine can be made to work fairly easily though.
  20. BrutalB83

    Maybe blowed F22B1 '97

    Welcome to HondaSwap! The H22 Prelude engine is a direct swap in to your car and it provides 200hp and dual-cam VTEC. I don't know if you'll be able to find one within your budget, though. I would say probably not if you're buying from an importer but maybe if you're buying from someone locally.
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