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  1. hatukazi

    real sprint harts???

    now I find out I need special lugnuts to put them on my car, I got my dad trying tires plus tomorrow while I am at work, anybody know where to get them if that doesn't work?
  2. hatukazi

    15x8 0 offset on a civic

    ‪Hellaflush cartoon‬‏ - YouTube thats how you get all the bitches:D
  3. hatukazi

    real sprint harts???

    go these from a friend for $200, cant find any place to see if they are real or not, they will still look nice cleaned up. they do say HART in the center on the inside and made in japan.
  4. hatukazi

    Need Help Building LS Block For LS /VTEC

    right here in the general reference section:D
  5. hatukazi

    Need Help Building LS Block For LS /VTEC

    your first question mentioned how to build your block, a VTEC head doesn't really breathe until it reaches higher RPM than a stock LS block is capable of handling for daily driving. having never done this but wanting to save you the anguish of a windowed block, you will need to upgrade your...
  6. hatukazi

    slap chop rap

    watch this, you're gonna love my nuts. lol
  7. hatukazi

    what the foam?

    that sequence should start with the finished car and go backwards. as amazing(ugly, but amazing) as that is at the end and came from such ghetto roots. following that lead, I kinda want to turn my civic into a ferrari.
  8. hatukazi

    need info on f22 swap

    first you're going to have to do an MPFI conversion, then you will need mounts, I'm not sure if you'll need specific F22 mounts or H22 ones will work. hit up Hasport for more info on mounts/shift linkage. when you get it done that should be a pretty sweet set up with a lot of future power...
  9. hatukazi

    My RHD B18 EK4

    that is an extremely nice hatch, lovin' the blue lipped rims.
  10. hatukazi

    Cars that make you...

    also my favorite car in GT5 so far.
  11. hatukazi

    somebody borrow me 9K quick before HIN, I gotta have that!
  12. hatukazi

    took me 8 years but...

    yeah, it was a convertible though.
  13. hatukazi

    took me 8 years but...

    thanks, I feel pretty lucky.
  14. hatukazi

    took me 8 years but...

    it scoots along with some urgency, I hung on with a newer mustang on the 4th, shocked both of us.
  15. hatukazi

    took me 8 years but...

    it's a straight pipe with one bend, and I had to weld the muffler back together because it was broken, sounds really nice though. I got it that way, pressure plate is yellow ACT? yup. awesome descriptive capabilites + rep
  16. hatukazi

    took me 8 years but...

    my son likes the paint job because he thinks it looks like Tak's 86, he's 6 years old. at some point I will probably get it all paint matched though, and when I have enough $$$ to get a proper GReddy or Tanabe exhaust that will sound/fit correctly, it shall be done.
  17. hatukazi

    Brad's Build

    waffles are yummy! oh, and nice work on the civic.
  18. hatukazi

    took me 8 years but...

    finally got a car I like. got it for 2K because it had this clutch in it. and my pile of EF
  19. hatukazi

    4-Speed/5-Speed SI Transmission HELP

    I might be wrong, but you may need different axles to run the 4 speed trans. even if you'd want to.
  20. hatukazi

    I need some help on a converstion

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