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  1. Ringmaster69

    WTB EF OR EG under $1000 5speed

    I'm looking for an EF or EG prefer 2doors so CRX or hatches are good 5 speed with good working heater for $600 or less body can be rusty so long as is road worthy and lights and stuff work id prefer most if not all the body panels to be atleast on it but can deal if theres some missing just pm...
  2. Ringmaster69

    Parting out; 88 CRX

    how much for the passenger to ohio?
  3. Ringmaster69


    if you still have all this can i get pics of the trannys number sticker and a pic through the whole were the axle goes?
  4. Ringmaster69

    Parting out; 88 CRX

    where is the passenger fender messed up a little bit front or rear of the fender?
  5. Ringmaster69

    F/s: Parts.......and Much More.....

    how much for the bride seats?
  6. Ringmaster69

    89-91 crx si tranny needed

    im in ohio and have an 88 crx si tranny new clutch also if you need that too
  7. Ringmaster69

    Jdm Sir Parts And Misc Parts

    "jdm exhsaust manifold and b pipe 40+shipping" b-series?
  8. Ringmaster69

    GSR Block, GSR Head, Intercooler, Cam Gears, B16 Trans, Hasports Mounts, GE......

    how much for cam gears shipped to 43963 also block same area code
  9. Ringmaster69

    Greddy 15G kit for d16 and vtec d16y8 head

    i have a used greddy 15g kit for d16s comes with manifold turbo downpipe and greddy little blue box and piping so you should beable to a side mount to work and if you have a d16a6 ill give you the oil pan with the dump tube inlet already welded on. also have d16y8 head with valve cover aem cam...
  10. Ringmaster69

    1990 CRX HF Cluster needed asap

    do you still have the 150mph speedo?
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