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    Need Y21 Trans. Asap

    I need a transmission for a 1994 Honda Del Sol DOHC VTEC. A S21 trans. is VERY much needed. Any info would be appreciated. Trans is messed up won't go into 2nd and pops out of 3rd. Has a new clutch.
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    Lots Of Misc Honda Parts

    How much are you wanting for the 17 RH? and where is it bent?
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    Rebulding Or Swap?

    My 94 Del Sol VTEC has a 140,000 mile and still is a strong runner but I need more I was wonder if I should rebuild it with all new internals, or swap it with a B18C1? Could i keep my b16 tranny with the B18? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated or any Ideas for a Sol to run mid 13's, if...
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