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    car won't past 3000rpm

    sorry i took so long to respond......yeah just checked, timing is dead on!!....any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated....thank you and have a nice day!!!
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    car won't past 3000rpm

    Hey guys i have a problem the motor won't drive or rev past 3000rpm when it hits it starts to bog and sputter. No cels whatsoever motor is b18c1 in a ek. I thought it might be the fuel so i changed the fuel filter and injectors but no good same prob. Also switch ECU but samething. Any help...
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    Battery Light

    the light goes off when the car is only stays on when the car is off.....
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    Battery Light

    guess im the only one with this problem??...
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    Battery Light

    Hey guys wassup got a small problem. When i turn off my car the battery light stays on and does not go off. I replace the battery and alternator but the problem still exist. I have no clue how to get rid of it or do i know how it came on. Car is a 97 Civic HB with an H22 in it i had this for...
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    CRV problems

    tested it no water....any other suggestions???
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    CRV problems

    Hey guys wassup im having a problem with my 99 honda CRV. Everything worked fine before i got a full tank of shell gasoline and im sure it was not diesel and it was 87 the stuff i always use. So i fill up and about 10 miles down the road my car starts acting funny and just dies. I figured my...
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    h22a valvetrain

    wha is RLZ??....
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    h22a valvetrain

    Hey wassup guys got an h22a in a ek hatch with basic bolt-ons and was looking to upgrade my valvetrain.....valves, springs, retainers, and cams.......did some research and was wondering which company to go with...i really don't wanna go with skunk2 and was considering crower but still not...
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    No Vtec low oil pressure

    Hey guys wassup i just recently put together a GSR motor and bought all new honda parts for it....replaced oil pump, water pump, timing belt, etc.....the motor is a 95 put into an 97 civic EX running on a p72 obd2.....i had this motor in my 97 hatch and eveything worked fine before the new parts...
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    best dam sale ever.

    all steelies shipped to 73013??...
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    leather seats???

    Hello i currently own an 97 Honda civic ex coupe and have some questions concerning the seats....i want all leather seats fronts and back....i already have GSR seats but want to know which seats will fit in the rear???....because my car is not a hatch i don't think the rear seats will fit......i...
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    ZC trouble???

    Hey guys recently did the DOHC ZC swap in my 89 CRX SI.....throwing a code 4 which is the crank angle??.....i dunno how to get rid of this thing....the ecu im running is an PM-6 out of an 91 SI also got the PG-7 but still throwing that damn code #4.....the motor won't let me rev past 3.5...
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    ZC valve adjustments??

    Hello recently did a ZC swap in my 89 crx si and need some info. Does anybody know what i should adjust the valves to on the ZC motor??...Exhaust and Intake side..thank you and have a nice day!!!
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    ZC timing belt???

    so whos right????????.......
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    ZC timing belt???

    hmm well does anybody know for sure what year??....its a DOHC ZC....thank you and have a nice day!!!
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    ZC timing belt???

    Dear guys and girls i have a problem, my timing belt on my ZC motor is about to go. Im gonna replace this but not sure which belt to get. OK i was told to get an 89 Honda Prelude timing belt???....But i figured i'd get an 89 Acura Integra belt??...So which it is??...The motor is in my 89 CRX...
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    WTB: 90-91 Civic sedan

    Hello im looking for 1990-1991 Honda Civic 4-door sedan. It must be a LX or EX. Running or not just as long as body is in good condition. Willing to pick up located in Oklahoma. Thank you and have a nice day!!!
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    LX vs EX

    i forget to added 1990-1991 civic's.....sorrie for the misunderstanding..
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