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  1. mikey bottles

    d16 motor choice for 1990 crx si

    The B16 was really more than I needed, I was running my crx in autocross and the swap put me into a modified class that it was almost impossible for me to compete in, plus you can still make decent power with some of the single cams, and theyre easier to find quickly if you end up needing...
  2. mikey bottles

    d16 motor choice for 1990 crx si

    well according to the first post, he eventually wants to go b series, with a $1500 budget, he could probably find a complete b16 swap if he looks hard enough, personally i'd stick with the zc if it's repairable, if I could go back I def would've kept my rex single cam
  3. mikey bottles

    d16 motor choice for 1990 crx si

    shortest answer to this is no. If you could find a D16Z6, you could use that, but youd still need the ecu, an ecu jumper harness, I believe an OBD1 distributor w/ a jumper harness, a 4 wire O2 sensor, and you'd still have to wire in vtec, or get a vtec jumper harness from hasport
  4. mikey bottles

    93 Del Sol Si Shell

    car is gone
  5. mikey bottles

    Help breaking loose axle nut

    if its at a salvage yard, why cant you just cut the axle boots, pull them apart, and have a local shop zip off the axle nuts and discard the cups that are in there? or if you need the axles with them, just pull the knuckle and axle out together, youll just need a prybar to pop the axles out of...
  6. mikey bottles

    14" WORK Ewing III's, 01 GSR Cluster

    that was my original plan, but I work out of town most of the time, and i have too much going on during the weekends to even think about getting around to them
  7. mikey bottles

    cops tase and beat mentally handicapped minor

    this makes me sick, especially when i know of so many cops in my area (mostly the younger ones) with that, "i answer to noone, and nothing, and can do anything with this badge" attitude, someone needs to put these people in check
  8. mikey bottles

    What helps you??

    I just got out of school, but we had to do tons of studying, it actually helped me a good bit to sit at my kitchen table which is positioned directly underneath the brightest light we've got, sounds silly but any kind of low light was putting me to sleep. And I drank a TON of coffee.
  9. mikey bottles

    93 Del Sol Si Shell

    south jersey
  10. mikey bottles

    93 Del Sol Si Shell

    price changed to $1200
  11. mikey bottles

    93 Del Sol Si Shell

  12. mikey bottles

    WTB d16a6 or d16z6

    ive got a complete z6 for sale, but i'm located in jersey. if youre interested let me know.
  13. mikey bottles

    01 GSR Interior & D17A2 Manual Transmission

    whatevers not sold by fri is going to junk
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