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    Need HELP,,,, don't start

    did u get it started
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    95 civic dx swap question

    p28 is a ex ecu its got vtec
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    NY Tastefully modded 97 CiviC EX F/S!!

    custom fish water in trunk??
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    B18C4 (B18C1) Swap Problems, Wont Start but have Fuel and Spark

    whats the deal with lsvtec not working on these new swaps JDm b18a w/2000 b16 si head crank but no start
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    new here..quick question

    not chop it cut like three wires and split them si wire right up to b18 non v
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    i am putting a b18a1 in a 95 civic coupe

    well here is the question i have a b18a1 with vtec and it has a cable tranny how would i go about getting the b18 to work in my EG the EG is set up for hydro 1) swap trannys to make it hydro 2) is there a convertion kit 3) how hard is it to run cable clutch? or should i? 4) and what motors...
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