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    FS:96 SE wheels

    i have a set for sale. they are the 6 spoke wheels in mint condition with good thread left on the tires. asking $300 for the set.
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    FS: Skunk2 Intake Manifold and 96-00 EK Ignition

    here is the link to view pictures: Honda-tech
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    FS: 95 GSR coupe door panels

    looking for $75 shipped. here is a link to the pics:
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    bottom end sale

    $80 shipped
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    bottom end sale

    give me your e mail address and i will send them to you
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    FS:SI Cluster

    sorry buddy the cluster is sold. but i mite have another one soon. i am located in new york.
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    bottom end sale

    i will do it for $150 plus shipping and for you other guys the bottom end had pistons rods crank bearings oil pan. you know a complete short block. that has never been taken apart. and i have pics of the pistons give me your e mail address and i will give them to you
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    Garage Sale

    you have pm
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    Garage Sale

    best offer for any of these products Prodrive oil pump gear for gsr/ls block JE pistons 11.5:1 cr 84mm never used
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    FS:SI Cluster

    $150 +shipping. price is firm.
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    FS: 2000 SI Cluster

    $150 shipped
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    bottom end sale

    Have 99-00 B16A2 complete shortblock $400 Black gsr door panels from 95 gsr $60 PR4 pistons and rods (used) $50 shipped 97 gsr intake manifold $60 shipped skunk2 gsr intake manifold $280 shipped brand new eagle rods for an ls block- $300+shipping Brand new JE pistons 11.5:1cr 84mm(stock B20)...
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    looking for ctr ecu and 99-00 civic si head

    got a 99-00 si head minus the dizzy. also comes with gsr cams not the regular 16 cams. let me know if interested. better if you e mail me @ only come on hondaswap once in a while
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    vtec changeover

    Is it better to have vtec kick in @ a lower rpm or a higher rpm. or does depend on how the motor is built?
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    need/wtb 95 teg hatch parts

    looking for 95 teg hatch front end from the dash board to the front bumper w/ls motor (manual) and i also need the interior. cloth black. sombody please give me some good news
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