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    GA 94 Accord LX Transmision NE Atlanta

    Gwinnett County Area, North East of Atlanta. I have a 94 Accord LX automatic transmision in good shape, still attached to F22B2 non-vtec engine. The engine has oil leaks and had overheating problems when driven more than 40 miles. Pulled engine and transmission combo when the water pump...
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    1995 Honda accord lx

    Post Almost 3 months old, but did you find a tranny. I have one.
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    Looking for reputable shops in North GA area!!

    NorthEast Ga, Winder near Athens. John Vang Import Experts Inc. 449 Lakeview Drive Southwest Winder, GA 30680 (770) 307-1136 I have been there several times and they are really great. Even if they dont do the work they will point you in the right direction.
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    94 LX F22B1 VTEC info questions

    Did i say something wrong? anyone advice..... exhaust and brakes?
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    accord steering wheel info.

    The 4 door has 2 diff part numbers for the steering wheel assembly. The US and Japan models are diff. The steering wheel it self is the same. The Airbags are diff. US Airbag: 06770-SV4-A90ZA Japan bag: 06770-SM5-A60ZA As long as the 4 door at the junk yards VIN starts with a 1 and NOT A J...
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    TN Wanted '93 Accord SE or EX for Parts

    Have you found the parts you were looking for yet?
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    need helping with wireless router

    Glad we could help. Hopefully I will get some advise on my thread soon. Happy secured wireless surfing INJEN78.
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    need helping with wireless router

    Are you running a wireless pc to check it, or hard wired?
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    need helping with wireless router

    I gather by what you said that is working but you want to secure your wireless signal. starting from the begining . Use a hard wired PC. this will allow you to stay connected to the router info pages once you apply the wireless security. If useing a wireless device you will have to stop and...
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    need helping with wireless router

    I can help you out from start to finish if you haven't got it yet.
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    94 LX F22B1 VTEC info questions

    When finished any left over stuff from the EX will be for sale cheap!!!! If anyone needs parts from it that I won't need for the swap let me know so I can pull them.
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    94 LX F22B1 VTEC info questions

    Just wanted to start out by saying I didn't just register and start asking questions right away. I have spent almost 2 weeks every night after work reading the different post and gathering info. I have a 94 LX and my F22B2 has finally met its maker with to many issues to fix. I bought the car...
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    97 accord non VTEC to VTEC

    I know it's been a while, but I'm swapping my non vtec to vtec in my 94 lx. I still have both cars and just spent 2days after work removing entire harness from the 94 ex. Any pics would be nice for the wires and colors
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