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    Itunes video

    i'm using sharepod to convert my library to ipod format, and cucusoft to convert my videos. google it up. :wink:
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    saturns attempt at a sports car

    this is designed by lotus. they gave up the project and saturn bought the rights to it.
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    My RS*R Exmag Review

    DO NOT DEAL WITH DRIFTSPEED .COM what e-mail address are they using? I still want my money back! they gave me some line of crap about it being on back order from the factory but sure took my money and quit communicating with me. they [B]THEY LITERALLY ROBBED ME <_< PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM...
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    My RS*R Exmag Review

    F@#$ and f@#$ hiro at driftspeed those scurvy schiester bastards stole my 480 for my rs*r exhaust. they refused to respond to me kept making up excuses and now 1 1/2 years later no exhaust anywhere. I hope there warehouse catches fire with hiro's first born inside. your lucky...
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    Talk about a close call!

    lmao, yeah the guy in red has obviously seen worse!
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    All burned up

    omfg!! :puke2:
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    Headlight problem

    my del sol does the same thing. the front bumper is also cracked so it rear ended someone. first it was one dim light, then they both went dim, then I tried to fuck with the wires and now one of them is fine and the other stopped working completely :bash:
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    FS: B18B1/GSR Head NEW!!!

    pm'd you :thumbsup:
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    Grade 8 VS. class 10.9 bolts

    all I know is I had a 4" long grade 10.9 bolt go through my brand new g-force ta installed 3 weeks prior :headsmash:
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    yet another stupid-powered gkart.

    is that the one that explodes at the end of the video?
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    Who does this?

    don't forget the nitro tires with 20% tread left and the leaky back window :wall:
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    For People with KYB AGX or KYB GR-2 Shocks....

    i have agx's on my del sol VTEC with the eibach prokit i ride with stiffness on 3 up front and 4 in back. they kick ass they completly eliminate any bounciness to the point that when I get out I can watch and hear the shock rebound completely. the only downfall is with it that stiff I feel an up...
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    Seat swap guide

    what about 92 prelude seats in a crx the dimensions of the seat are correct but I am unsure of the rails and holes
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    Dpfi-Mpfi conversion

    when did you buy it? three months ago?you already paid? <_<
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    another b16 running rough thread

    so obd1 injectors and an obd1 dizzy would basicly convert the pr-3 to obd1. correct? would this fix the emissions/ runs like ass problem? ...or are my bad valve guides causing the lack of go? :huh:
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    another b16 running rough thread

    :withstupid: my friend I believe you have a point
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    another b16 running rough thread

    no cel, 93 octane, new 10 dollar per/ ngk's, honda factory wires,new cap& rotor the plugs are toast the ecu will be part of a crvtec project.
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    another b16 running rough thread

    obd-1 b16A block, pr-3 head, 2s1 tranny, p-30 ecu , I/H/E warms up slow, blows nasty black watery shit out the exhaust. after sitting at idle it smokes when you gas it, valve guides maybe. 95 del sol vtec this car runs smooth vtec kicks in but it's slower than the del sol s i used to have...
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    Racing gone horribly wrong.

    the story is fictitious no integras were harmed in the creation of this story :P
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    Vtec question

    yes the d16z6,can come with one of two valve covers depending on the year, my z6 swap came out of a 93 ex and the valve cover just says [H] HONDA
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