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    Help...B18B Swap Problems

    the linkage will not fit on a del sol you need del sol dohc linkage i had that problem on my boys car but you could also weld it it works fine
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    disadvantages to pulley kits?

    my b series has no balancer i cut open my stock pulley a lightened pulley doesnt add too much hp but it takes wieght off the crank and your rev faster
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    B18b Or B16b

    ls/v tec engine r great motors but only if u build the bottom end cause if not they die quick cause the stock pistion dont do good with high compression but ls block r so nice with nos
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    Tranny...? What?

    u guys need 2 read up ur info more a gsr and an ls tranny have the exact same 1st thru 4th the only diffrence is the ls has a longer final drive gear i had a ls tranny in my 92 hatch and killed it n now have a gsr i would go with the ls for boost
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    Ls Swap In To A Crx

    if u put hasport mounts the crank pulley will hit the radius rod when u drive and u will need bent one out of a accord so u should use stock mounts and just buy a zc hood which comes higher it happen when i did it in my crx
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    I Need A Picture...

    let me warn u if u have place racing mount kit u need 2 change ur radius rods or your under drive pulley will hit while u drive
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    Pr4 Rev Limit

    the rev limit on the obd 0 pr4 is 7200 i had it runnin i my crx
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