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    Womens World Cup

    you caught that did you??? im impressed. its like me making fun of football or whatever sport you all might like. do i jump on your football threads and tell you its nothing but a bunch of fags looking for an excuse to pile drive each other??? nope, sure dont. so dont come into my thread and say...
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    Womens World Cup

    this falls under the category of : to each his own. fuck off. if you dont have anything positive to add then get the fuck out of my thread.
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    Womens World Cup

    just for those of you who dont know, USA is going to the quarterfinals vs. England. they beat nigeria 1-0, sweden beat north korea 1-0. more updates when they come in.
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    Five wire O2

    damn i wish i would have known they were worth that much... i just threw one away a couple of weeks ago...
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    todays video!

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    My new bike

    damnthis thread made me miss riding bmx... maybe its time to bust my schwinn out again
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    Five wire O2

    $400?!?!?!? for an o2 sensor??? you sure they didnt say $40???
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    z6 build

    he doesnt have to go turbo... it just doesnt fit his budget to really go NA, could do nitrous but that just isnt as much fun...
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    exhaust for 95 civic

    also depending on your engine you do NOT want to run 2.5, if you are running a SOHC than you will kill exhaust velocity with piping that big... damn ive already gone over this like 7 or 8 times now... :sigh:
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    my crx keeps having bad toe

    if you dont replace worn or broken parts that are found during an alignment then it was a complete waste of time and money to do the alignment. the second it gets set down off the alignment rack it goes rack to exactly how it was. i would say its your tie rods tho.
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    need an xbox 360 RPG

    i have heard nothing but good things about this game low blow... i play wow and have a life, dont stereotype everyone into the same category
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    how can I build a b18c1 "pix of my ride"

    looks like a junkyard turbo for you!!! and do you really have a big rock as a wheel chock in that picture???
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    Exhaust Q

    i have a flowmaster 88 series (i think its an 88 series) muffler and it is very quiet unless i put my foot in it
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    z6 build

    and what you want to do with the car, i.e. drag, time attack, street, road racing, etc.
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    Axel/Hub Nut Will Not Come Off Need HELP!!!

    ingersoll rand? thats an offshoot brand of either snap-on or matco i think... should be able to get it off their trucks
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    dumb questions

    if you use a fram oil filter it will be #7317 i believe (or 3593 honda only use 2 different filters), but even if you dont use fram you can cross reference it with another brand
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    Engine overheating.... Sometimes

    yeah im with eg6sir, it sounds like an electrical problem to me
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    i have toooo many questions

    dont feel too bad about your intake. i have a 96 civic dx, which has a top mounted throttle body instead of the side mounted, so before i got my skunk2 intake manifold, i had the old stock intake from my 93 corolla (which was a 3in diameter 90 degree angle hose) connected to my throttle body to...
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    i have toooo many questions

    actually that says a b20 LONG block, which means it is the complete engine with the intake and exhaust manifold and head etc, but not the tranny.
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    pwr to man window conversion

    you really think it would help??? its like 10 pounds??? thats like removing your sunvisors to save weight... kinda pointless. but if you really want to do it all you should need, somebody correct me if im mistaken, is the doorpanel and assembly. hell its not like you have to wire anything up...
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