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    repainting some rsx base wheels

    I think I have seen this around somewhere... Are you around Abingdon?
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    HS Mobile Apps

    I use this app for a couple of forums. I didn't know you signed up until today and I actually come visit now more frequently. Iphone version... makes it so much easier to manage the forums.
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    For all you skinny guys out there.

    I should post up pics of myself on one of those sites lol... Short story... i am taller than average (6'3'') and in 2002, I graduated High School @ 210lbs of mostly fat. Girlfriends, excessive drinking, break-ups and new office job... caused me to tip the scales @ 302lbs with 31% body fat...
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    bringing the CRX back to the track build/thread

    Looks gay... thanks for calling me back about this weekend. JP, looks sharp. Cant want to see it painted!
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    Motorcyle stop leads to federal wiretapping charges

    Yea, I don't come around much anymore. But I figured I would post it to see thoughts... And I just looked for relevant titles. My bad. Anyways, yea it was just updated today. But it is weird when this type of news personally affects me.
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    Motorcyle stop leads to federal wiretapping charges

    Traffic Stop Video May Send Man To Jail - I have known this guy personally for 19 years, and I think this is ridiculous. I know he is in the wrong for speeding... but damn. Thoughts?
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    cheap phone providers/plans

    Well I was just saying what I did for my specific example. I was stuck in a contract with AT&T and I didnt want to spend 90+ on my Blackberry anymore. So I just got an unlocked phone and they no longer can charge me data. I just choose to spend the 10 bucks to take advantage of the apps and...
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    cheap phone providers/plans

    The cheapest prepaid that I know of is Cricket Wireless. I have looked at their coverage area and they don't service much of CT. They have a $25 unlimited text/voice. What I do is simple... I have an unlocked Tmobile G1, and I use it on the AT&T network. I spend... $34 - 450 minutes with...
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    Free Digital Subscription to Men's Health/ Women's Health/ Runner's World/ Prevention

    I got this ad with my Men's Health pull-up bar. The stipulation look like it is 1 magazine per household. Not sure if you would be interested but I don't see a problem with random people signing up...
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    Tax Returns-Yay

    Yea, the home buyer's tax credit is what I was referring to :) I am signing a contract on 03/22 and wasn't sure if that credit was able to be obtained this year. Reason being... My Dad fronted me 3k towards mt 3.5% FHA down payment. So I am sure he will be pumped to receive it back this year...
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    Tax Returns-Yay

    How can you claim a house bought in 2010 on your 2009 return?
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    Help me decide on a new car

    AWD Ford Fusion... Dont knock it... You know mine is sweet. You cant go wrong with the 2010 Motortrend Car of the Year. You can get an 07 for around 15k.
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    Sooooo long 2009......

    1/365 aint bad for being single... Im in a relationship and im lucky for twice a month. I need to fix that... Thanks for helping me determine a goal! lol
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    Getting modern warfare 2 this week!!!!!!!

    I have been playing this game off and on for a month, and I finally hit Level 62... how do you people hit second and thrid pretige already?! Once I hit 70, Im going to sit for a while. Anyone have a link to the benefits if you keep "pretiging"?
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    Sooooo long 2009......

    Done : Nothing Start : Nothing I am really satisfied with where im at.
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    Holiday Travel--What did you do

    Eve- 10 miles to Dinner Day - 50 miles to PA, then 45 Miles second dinner, then 25 miles to 3rd... then I crawled 1 mile home to pass out by 9pm.
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    Christmas Gift thread

    Now that I am getting older, I have more fun giving presents.. But I feel I made out well. * D&G Light Blue colonge * 12 pair of socks * Fossil Wallet * Ipod headphones * Mattress Pad * UA shorts * Xbox Live 12 month * Various Starbucks giftcards * BB gift card * Mini Maglight with "Uncle" on...
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    townhomes in rockville/columbia area?

    Rockville is ridiculously expensive, and to be honest... I would take that idea out of your mind. I think you should really look into the AA county/Columbia area. As you know, I just signed a lease in White Marsh, and my place is 1300 monthly, with no garage... I know a few people in the...
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    Giving Cable the finger. Which satellite service is best??

    I may be bias because I work for the cable company, but you are aware that all analog cable is going to be migrated to digital in a mater of 2 years... The days of analog TV is slowly coming to an end. I am not sure of your cable company now, but Comcast offers a 'digital start' package for...
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    full of fail!!!

    I just usually read the general chat forums as well... since I haven't had a Honda in 3 years :)
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