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    What To Swap?!?

    hey have you thought about a 2nd gen Integra?(90-93)
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    My Cousin Got Called To Active Duty

    really I work on a farm that had two camels they are a pain in the ass and they're ugly
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    My Cousin Got Called To Active Duty

    I was gonna say they can go to Iraq and become a camel jocky
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    My Cousin Got Called To Active Duty

    I was tring to find a nice way to say the same thing
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    Doing Your Own Swaps?

    hey thats cool I wish I was in school
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    Questions For Swap

    do have friends or family that are good with cars?
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    Unsolved Mystery's, Help

    I would try to flush it.if that don't work well...uh....dunno
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    What To Do?

    where are you from cody
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    More Of My 3rd Gen. Fit Questions...

    I would put that engine in a shopping cart before a 3rd gen civic
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    Doing Your Own Swaps?

    wow that guy sounds like a winner!
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    What Engine Should I Swap Into Honda Prelude 94 Si

    that little dude with the O face is funny as hell lol
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    Doing Your Own Swaps?

    basic auto tech would help alot
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    4th Gen Swaps

    I'm about to put a LS or a b16 in by 4gen hatch
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    Doing Your Own Swaps?

    yea thats why I'm kinda scared of spring compresser.
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    My Cousin Got Called To Active Duty

    "It is not just my country, I won't kill period. I cannot, in good conscience, take another human life." Does this mean if someone was killing a person in your family you could not kill them?
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    Who Has The Fastest Car Here?

    One of my cars has a 1.5 running very poor the other you don't wanna hear about, but when the 1.5 is replaced I will not brag about how fast it is. I will be very moddest and I will only win a race by a car length so everybody thinks my shit is slow. Thats the it should be done
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    Car For My Baby Bro

    I wish I had a big brother to give me a 2nd gen
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    Desert Again

    if anybody has heard of that same gun tell me what its called
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    Desert Again

    good luck man I've got an uncle over seas in the army he said he couldn't say where he was going but he said he would tell me when its all over with. he told me before he left that they asigned him a gun that is ( think he said m16 and and it has a gernade lancher or some shit like that)all I...
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    Rebulding Or Swap?

    if you do swap out the b16 tell me I'll buy it from you
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