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    I voted ZC, I love mine, depending on how you want to drive it, choose a decent transmission. I have the JDM L3 that was mated to the ZC, it's close-ratio, really quick off the line, but isn't that great for highway driving above 70mph. I wanted the CRX Si's transmission, but talked myself out...
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    Need Ideas For A Dohc Zc

    Any good prices on some aftermarket Z6 Pistons & Rods, or would some stock ones do fine in my ZC? Will be rebuilding it, and sending the cams off to Crower to regrind, I want to build it pretty tough for turbo use later on down the road. Just let me know about who has the best prices, etc...
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    Hypothetical Awd Civic?

    This is true, my neighbor has an AWD 1990 Civic Wagon, I told him he needs to pop in a ZC like I have because that would be a hella sweet sleeper. He has to replace the engine, he is thinking of doing it.
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