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    B16a2 Into An Obd1 Eg Civic

    all b16a2 motors should come with the oil pressure switch....i dont know how yours dont have screwed you over....are you sure it is a b16a2 head..or is it a conversion swap....
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    Wiring Problems

    just unplug the mapp plug and plug it into the new not so sure about the evap solenoid yet...
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    Hooking Up Vtec

    yes you do to make vtec engage properly...i did mine like that without the oil pressure switch in and it ran to 8000 rmp but sounded funny after 6500 .....and it doesnt feel any different, then i connected the oil pressure and it change sound at 4500 for i have a gsr ecu...if you have a...
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    B16a2 Into A 92 Civichatch Si Need Help

    for your car is an obd1 car you would need a obd1 ecu...everything plugs in perfect...and what do you mean the plug on the right is missing...
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    if you wanna go cheap and you still have the 99-00 si harness , just cut the injectors in the order they are and connect them to your stock harness...they are all color coded.....for the distributor i opened up the si dist. and my stock dist..i looked at where the wires go and i cut the plug...
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    Obd2 Car Obd1 Engine & Wiring

    ah.. this is the same swap im doing right now and i seem to have problems also...only the motor is obd2...first you gotta let me know if you have the small plug that plugs into the ecu.. if you do then i got an obd2 gsr ecu that would fit perfectly .....thats if you have the small plug...i dont...
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    Still Can't Get Ecu To Throw Codes

    yah i thought it was green would have to unhook it from a clip....
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    B18c1 Into 2000 Civic Dx Hatch

    anyone who has done this swap with an obd2 gsr ecu let me know how you get the wiring hook up...i heard the 96-98 civic ex wire fits all the plugs but i dont know if it will affect the dash compartment....the ex has all three plugs going into the engine and the dx has only two... if you know...
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    Fs : Civic Stuff - Check It Out...

    96 gsr ecu obd2 for sale. also have others for sale. 2000 civic dx axles -make me an offer 2000 civic dx ecu - make me an offer 99 gsr black leather rear seats - 100 92-95 civic rear seats (grey vinyl)-50 2000 civic si gauge- alpine...
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    B16a2 Into An Obd1 Eg Civic

    the vtec solenoid should go into pin a4 and the vtec pressure goes into pin d6.. you will need the green plug that goes to the vtec pressure switch....i dont know where you will get it but when you do the blue wire goes to the pin and the black goes to ground.....after that vtec should...
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    99-00 B16a2 Into A 5th Gen Civic

    first of all you can use the integra axles or the stock si axle.. your car already has a knock sensor so you dont need to add that is the vtec solenoid and pressure need different rear bracket and side tranny bracket...from a del sol dohc vtec...oh yeah if you have the stock...
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    Wired ?

    the dx does not have the wires for the pw and pl need to get it from the ex....find a use one cause the dealer is just going to rip you off...
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    Need Help Swapping 2000 Si Into 92 Civic Cx

    this is an easy guestion cause i did the same thing to my 93 need a delsol dohc vtec bracket to make it fit.. the si is too short and the integra doesnt line up ....delsol fits perfect...try it and you'll probably thank me
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    Please Help Me!

    make sure you have enough coolant and make sure all your hoses to the radiator are clamp on tight...i meant loose tubings at all..its probably loose so it does have pressure to return the hot coolant ...thats why you dont get hot air..
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    B18c1 Into A 2000 Civic Dx

    anyone done this swap before let me know what ecu you use and wire harness..
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    h22 in civc

    also you would need a aftermarket radiator too... the h22 will run into your stock radiator...
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    h22 in civc

    a h22 into a 94 civic is not just changing the wires and ecu you will need to buy aftermarket mounts and modify your frame a little ...the mounts arent cheap so you better have about 600 bucks before you start your swap..
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