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    Finally Finished my Swap

    Hey JDMCLUDE, How much does it take you to convert from AT to Manual? How strong do you consider it? i have 01 H22A and also thinking about convert it to manual. Any experiences or suggestions for me at all. Thanks
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    skunk2 coilover questions

    wanna go stiffer with Skunk2 Coilover? Get Tokico HP shocks. That is what i have. Too Stiff, don't like it
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    Ground Control VS Skunk 2 coilover

    Between the GC and Skunk2 coilover, Which one is stiffer?. i am running Tokico HP with Skunk2 coilover and it bump too much. i can feel every road imperfection and i am on stock tires. i don't know the problem cause by Skunk2 or Tokico HP. i am thinking of replace Skunk2 with GC. Do you think...
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    Internal mods for 01 Prelude

    i will go with JG throttle body, size that match with Skunk2 intake manifold. My concern is....i don't know how well these parts will turn out. i don't think there should be a problem because i chose internal parts from 1 manufacture (Crower). So it should be fine together. I HOPE. Any advice...
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    Internal mods for 01 Prelude

    Hi Guys, i am ready to do some internal mods for my 01 honda Prelude. Following are the parts that i am going to put in. My question.... what are the HP gain from these mods....Please help, thanks advance 1) Bigger Throttle Body JG 2) Skunk2 intake manifold 3) Crower Cams Stage 2 with stock...
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    How to get more power from H22

    Hey Sergey, Thanks for your informative ideas. To be honest with all of you here, i am not really good with internal modding so please bare with me on this. Changing it to 5spd is one thing. Others thing i am thinking of is do some kind of internal swap such as: 1) Upgrade fuel system, what...
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    How to get more power from H22

    what is cost for convert auto to manual tranny, parts and labor?
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    How to get more power from H22

    I think i will get bore with manual trans very soon. Anyways, my budget from $3000 and below. thanks
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    How to get more power from H22

    Hi guys, i have 01 honda prelude with 19,000 miles on it. Now, i have AEM CAI, DC header, Apexi N1 cat back exhaust. My question is what is the advantage way to get more power from my H22, power that can compete with domestic V8? i thought about Supercharge it. IT IS AUTOMATIC. Any advice will...
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    shakeing bad!!! HELP!!!!!!

    did you cut your bump stop in half
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    Turbo charge or Jackson Racing Supercharge

    my point is to focus on show car more than race car, but i want some thing reliable and can do the job well. Thanks To be honest, i really pissoff when people drive by and rev me up. they thought they can smoke people ass with what they have under the hood. at least give some respect to those...
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    what do you think?

    i called wirespeedlab today inquiring about the price of the turbo kit. this is is their price: Rev Hard Stage 2 Turbo Kit for 01 Prelude Base model is $2750 with 7PSI, 275-300 hp. Is this a fair price, cheap or too much?. Please let me know, thanks
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    Is the VAFC hack good for an H22?

    Hey, how much did you paid for your Fmax turbo kit? Do you think it will work with Automatic Transmission. i also have 01 prelude Base AT. i also heard a lot of good things about Fmax turbo kit. Thanks
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    Turbo charge or Jackson Racing Supercharge

    i been seeing people are debating Turbocharge over JR Supercharge. Which one of these is really BEST of all? i am thinking of getting one for my 01 prelude BASE model but i don't know which to turn. Does turbo work with Automatic Transmission? What is forced induction? :P What should i need...
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    coilover decision: Skunk2 or Ground Control?

    i had GC with KYB GR2, i love it , ride smooth with 3" drop
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    hard ride????

    get new struts, that will help alot
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    Tokico Illuminas or KYB AGX?

    i had KYB GR2 with Ground Control Coilver on my 94 integra. i dropped 3", the ride was great. Now i have Tokico HP with Skunk 2 coilover on my 01 prelude. it ride suck, to much bump and bouncing alot. i will change my to Ground Control soon. JUST A THOUGHT HOPE YOURS TURN OUT SMOOTH ;)
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    Please help

    hey, thanks for all yours help. the only gromet i found on my 00 prelude is on the driver side next to the windshield wiper
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    Please help

    i looked for the rubber grommets but i couldn't find any grommet that close to the ( brake pedal or floor ). i found one grommet, but it's to far on top ( next to the right hand windshield wiper) and that is hard to get the hold of the wires from the inside
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    Please help

    How do you run wires from engine bay to interior? Do you need to drill a hole through firewall? i am trying to run my neon wires to the interior but i couldn't find any hole to put wires through. Thanks
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