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    Air Intake for D16Z6 in '89 DX Hatchback

    I have installed a D16z6 into an '89 DX Hatchback but I am unsure what air intake I should use. It looks like I would have to do a little bit of custom stretching and trimming to get the stock '89 DX airbox and hose to reach the D16Z6 throttle body. Would a '92-'95 Si/EX or '88-'91 Si air...
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    WTB: D16Z6 VTEC pressure switch

    I need a D16Z6 VTEC pressure switch in good working condition. Thanks
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    Wtb:'92-95 Si Parts For D16z6 Swap Into Ef Series

    Well ayallll be damned! Yall got dem Japan-ese imports down there too, eh.
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    D16z6 Into Ef Clutch Question

    I am planning a D16Z6 swap into an '89 DX Hatchback using the '89 transmission. I've read that I can swap to a '92 up (larger) clutch if I get a '92 up flywheel. If I do this, which release bearing do I use? The '89 or a '92 up? Or will either work? Thanks in advance
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    Wtb:'92-95 Si Parts For D16z6 Swap Into Ef Series

    I am looking for the following parts from a '92-'95 Si to complete a D16z6 swap into an '89 Hatchback. Parts from an EX should work as well. Engine wire harness Underdash wire harness VTEC Pressure switch S20 tranny backup switch Alternator Prefer SF Bay and Sacramento Areas Thank You
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