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    integra automatic

    I have a 94 integra auto, that nobody with a 5speed can beat. Do you think you can keep up with it?
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    Gsr Ecu

    i want to do a v-tech head swap on my auto ls(i know nobody likes autos but i wanted to be diffrent). Will a gsr ecu work with my ls auto tranny?
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    Ls Auto Tranny To A Gsr Engine

    can a ls automatic tranny bolt up to a gsr engine? if so how do i go about doing it?
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    Quick Shift Kit

    what does a quick shift kit do? where can i get one?
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    Can Gsr Head Be Put On A Ls Auto.

    i have a 94 integra auto, can i put a gsr head and keep it automatic? if so how?
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