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    ctr hub

    looking for a ctr hub.
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    head gasket or not?

    The other day I noticed some oil down by the head gasket I thought it was from me pulling the dip stick out and some oil flung off, but no such luck.It is there again today.I called my friend and he said the oil passage hole in the head gasket could be gone I recently changed my oil to synthetic...
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    head gasket or not ?

    Trust me I wish it was coming from the valve cover.
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    head gasket or not ?

    I have a 93 civic with a integra motor in her,and I have it stored because of canada's winters.I went and started it, the other day and I noticed some oil by the head gasket,I wiped it off and thought it might be from checking the oil,some might of flung off from pulling the stick out.So I went...
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    what is the best lowering spring

    What do you think of H&R springs (race).
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    what is the best lowering spring

    Just trying to see what you guys think,looking for the best lowering springs not coilovers.I have 93 civic hb,would like to drop the car 2 inch or 2 an a qurter.Would like some ride comfort,but would like to get great handling.I am also going with tokico illumina struts.thanks for the help.
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    tein coilovers

    Like it says,does anyone have tein basic coilovers,if you do could you please tell me the pros and cons about the coilover, any if anyone thinks there is a better coilover out there for the same price let me know thanks.
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    rear disc conversion trouble

    I have a 93 civic hatch and I put dics brakes from a 95 acura on the back.bleeded the lines ,feels good untill you take it down the road, there is no brakes.The only thing I dident change is the brake booster and the master cylinder from the acura.can anyone please give me some help with this...
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    trying to find out if this will fit in my 93 civic hb.If it will fit,what do i have to do.All the help I can get will be great thanks.
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    bought a gsr engine

    I was going to buy a h22 but bought a GSR instead.I have heard that it is either the throttle body or the intake that is not very good on them,can anyone tell me if this is true.And I was also wondering if anyone has put type r cams into the gsr and pistons,is this a good idea and what kind of...
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    b16 more torque

    How can I get more torque out of a b16.Can I get a b16 to run like a gsr.
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    H22 into a 5th gen civic hb

    Thanks for the info.can you explain more on chipping the p28.And to settle the handling problem how did it handle when completed.
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    H22 into a 5th gen civic hb

    I am going to be putting a h22 into my 93 civic hb.I would like to hear from people that did the swap,what they liked and what they dident like.And I would really like to know what peoples quarter mile times are.And are these motors safe for turbo or is it better to supercharge them.
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    Vtec VS Non-Vtec

    All I can say is I have a 93 civic hb with a non-vetec B18b1 and my friend has a 91 civic hb with a Ls/vetec motor and we raced and I was a car lenght ahead of him the whole time.we raced two times and both times I beat him.maybe he is not tunned right,I dont know but I still beat him.I have...
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    what kind of turbo do I buy

    I dont what to piss you off but this is the only way to learn,what are the factors.
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    what kind of turbo do I buy

    how much hp to will I get from the Teo4h?
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    what kind of turbo do I buy

    I was just going through the replies to my post and a couple of you said the T3/T4.Know this may sound stupid but I am new to turbo,so is that the type of turbo or does it mean a T3 or a T4.
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    what kind of turbo do I buy

    If that turbo is to small,what turbo should I get.I am only looking for a turbo that will put out 150 to 200hp.Help me find a turbo that will give me that much.
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    what kind of turbo do I buy

    I got a real good deal on a turbo,it is a Teo4h.Is this a good first turbo or not.maybe someone on the site can tell me the charge pipe bends i need for a B-series engine.The turbo came with the factory wastegate,I was wondering if this is good enough,or should I buy a better one.
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    what kind of turbo do I buy

    were can I find one,and what kind of car does it come on.
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