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    want to buy civic or integra asap!!!!!!!&#

    I sent you a pm if your interested
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    F/S 92 Civic Hatchback W/ Swap

    Someone toss me an offer. I'm in Jersey 08110 zip code.
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    F/S 92 Civic Hatchback W/ Swap

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    F/S 92 Civic Hatchback W/ Swap

    Lowered the price to $3000 FIRM, I GOT TO GET SELL THIS SOON. SOMEONE TOSS ME AN OFFER [B]Click the link at the top or for pictures
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    F/S 92 Civic Hatchback W/ Swap

    I got pictures now anyone interested?
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    F/S 92 Civic Hatchback W/ Swap

    My Webpage Im selling A 1992 CX Hatch with an LS Motor. The motor has 89,000 miles on it and just had new head gasket, timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, wires, hoses, belts and SI radiator. The trans is out of a 00 Si that was completly rebuilt all new internals by Driveline...
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    Just wanted to know

    i put a 95 ls motor and 00 Si trans in my 92 cx. i used a 93 integra ecu. Everything runs fine but my question is would the car run differently if i put a 94 integra ecu in. my car just feels like its at a higher rpm then it should be while driving
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    projekt civic LS (idaho style)

    I did an ls swap in my 92 hatch. i work in a salvage yard so i could get you what you need if your interested, let me know.
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    95 cx thinking about doing a ls swap need help.

    Make sure you get the bracket that bolts to the motor and trans in the back to the sub frame. thta was the only problem i had when i did that same swap. i also used an ecm from a 93 teg p06 i think but youll be real happy with the differance
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    which axles do i need

    i went with 00 si axles but any b series will work
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    95si swap help?

    i did a b18b1 in my cx with a 00 si trans im happy with it but since your already wired for vtec i would go b18c1, have fun. also i spent about 1000 dollars and it was well worth it, shop around and find the best prices, also check local junk yards there gold mines
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    d15b8 question

    its not the ecu its the motor and if i was you save your money for the swap and buy all the bolt on afterwords youll be much happier
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    96-98 vs 99-00

    if your doing a swap stick with the mount that match the motor and the trans it will save you a lot of headachs
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    95 Honda Civic

    I put a b18 in my cx with a 00 si trans and im real happy with it, but your already wired for vtec so i would go gsr. i would also turbo instead of supercharge but its your car have fun, goodluck
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    92 Hatch Fan

    try running direct current to the fan direclty to see if you need a new fan motor
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    92 civic dx + B18

    you can use any springs and struts from any integra or civic if not all most
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    Help Part 2

    yes you are missing a dust shield but oil wouldnt "spew" from there check your gaskets and find exactly where the oils coming from
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    Rear mount bracket

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    Rear mount bracket

    im having a problem with my swap. im installing a 95 ls engine with a 00 si trans in my 92 civic everthing is ready to be put in but when i droped the package into the engine bay i ran into a problem with the rear mount bracket that bolts to the motor and trans and connects to the rear mount on...
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