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    Good Turbo For H22A?

    that would b a terribl iea body kits are lame. also th comosit sleve blocks are only after 95 the 95 an bfor jdm blocks are fine and 7 lbs wont blow a motor if its tund that dude must not have done so
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    Flat foot shifting

    then you see that car in real life and talk to the owner and realize it has 400 lbs of extra entertainment and unusable shit and it only makes a little over 400 whp and it runs a high 13 and you lose all faith you still had left after seeing the terrible film known as fast and the furious. (but...
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    possible to ad lsd to gsr tranny?

    many aftermarket companys make lsds for it
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    engine choking on 7 rpm

    i love how people think zc motors are great or better than a us sohc. they are garbage and for about the same money you could go ls or something and be way better off. i think instead of worrying about how high to rev your bad platform you should just call it a day and rrealize that a single...
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    I can't pm u. Hope u see this. U interested
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    87 supra turbo 5 spd w/ extras

    new price here fellas its gotta go i NEED to get my H2B on the road here
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    Trading and the Law?

    If you are trading a shell simply swap the title and register it upon competion. And gift it. There should be no tax. In la anyways
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    Stuff i need badly (b series)

    i need tranny b series. no ls trannys b series clutch must handle 240 hp b series shift linkage eg hatch cat back at least 2.25 inch short shifter for b sereies linkage please pm me if you have got any of this am also looking for an evo h2b kit if you have that but i fear ill pay ful...
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    87 supra turbo 5 spd w/ extras

    new give away price (very negotiable) please give it a home i gotta get it moving will take partial trades for nice b series stuff or rolling ek chassis etc. make offers it NEEDS to go
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    Hyundai genesis coupe

    the genisis coupe come sin a 4 cyl turbo or a 6 cylinder 210 hp and 306 respectivly both come with 6 spd manual or 6 spd tiptronic and the 4 cyl turbo will start at around 23k and the only reason ppl associate hiundai with POS is the accent the rest of there cars are realy quite dec. but its...
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    PA wtb h22 transmission

    i got one and im in pa 200 for the trans and or i have an exedy three puck clutch for 325 for the whole set up let me know i really need to get rid of it to fund my project h2b i will deal
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    b20vtec for sale

    I need a b series tranny what is it you have there
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    JDM GSR LONGBLOCK - $550 shipped

    is the motor in running order
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    Jdm h22a help

    h22's all have vtec. no matter there origin. i have heard that USDM pre 96 motors are rated at only 180 due to the lesser compesion than there JDM counterparts but any JDM h22 shoudl have at least 200 and the type-s , accord SiR, or the Euro-R all have 220. hope that helps
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    FS: 95 EG Hatch H22A

    see this is the second thread ive seen you make irelivent comments on. read the thing first please. it clearly says its a 95 sir block therefore not requiring it. just another thread on the f/s's that you decided to comment on with no plans of buying. nice car good luck i have a similar...
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    i have a POF ecu from what i understand is an Accord SiR H22 vtec. I also understand that the ECU is a bit rare although i dont really care. it runs great in my buddy s JDM swap lude he says perhaps better than his P13 but i dont know. POF ECU........ $85 ???? OBO H23 trans......... $200...
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    PA wanted: EK or EG rolling chasis hatch $2000 in hand

    my buddy has 2000 in hand and needs a rolling chasis hatch . MUST BE COMPLETE without motor or trans and super clean no quater rust no dents ect he is willing to give really nice cash for a clean rooling chasis for his h series swap to go in. He wants a really clean car with no issues so please...
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    PA H23 Trans and Exedy 3 puck clutch

    h23 trans is good condish IDK........ 225 plus shipping or OBO Exedy 3 puck ceramic say ............. 200 plus shipping the clutch is mounted on my h22 but it was not even broken in yet the pucks are still fresh looking and the pressure plate is still shinny it should be good for a looong time...
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    JDM H23 trans and what not

    it is what it is a JDM h23 tranny i dont know what its worth but tis in working order with no issues ill say 275 but you can make offers i need it gone fast. call or text at 412 320 0721 or pm or exmail at its located in Altoona, PA but i can get it to Pittsburgh if that...
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