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    reading codes on swaps

    i was just curious how do you go about checking engine codes when u swap from obd2a to obd1 you wouldnt be able to just use a scan tool would u??
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    Injector plug in

    i am about to swap a obd1 b18b into my obd2 98 ex with d16y8..i plan on using my stock harness with boomslang obd2a to obd1 conversion..i noticed one problem so far.. the injector clips that plngs into the injector sensors on my y8 harness are differnt than the one of the b18..what should i do...
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    d16y8 harness

    thanks will all the sensors and connectors hook up besides the vtec n knock
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    b18 vs. b20

    i no the b18 has much stronger cylinder walls due to the smaller bore than the b20 so if u plan on doing anything extreme such as high boost or high compression b18 is a better far as stock performance goes the b20z is slightly better in hp and torque than the ls b18b1 but other than...
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    d16y8 harness

    i hope someone here could give me a few pointers ive asked this question on other sites and they remained unanswerd..i am about to swap a obd1 b18b into my 98 civic was previously in my friends eg so i get everything i need axles ecu ect...i was curious which would be the easier route to...
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    FS: B16A2

    i would like to find good price on b16a2 obd2 fulls swap if your friends could get a good price on one
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    Y8 or Z6?

    i would go with y8, i have seen many y8s with outstanding performance just depends on how they are built
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    i no that this question has probaly been asked multiple times but i didnt see it any where but im probaly gonna do a b16a2 swap in my 98 ex i am taking the motor trans etc outta the car myself and puttin it in mine. if i take all the si's mounts shift linkage ecu harness and axels would there...
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