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    b18c5 in a del sol

    me and a friend are getting ready to put a b18c5 in his sol. i had two major questions. we've both swapped motors before but only 1.6's. i had thought i had heard somewhere that a tranny mount needed to be removed and a new one put in when dropping in a 1.8, is this true? secondly, am i going to...
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    B20 Long Block Swap

    he goes by kaotic you can find him sometimes on but more often you'll see him on in the del sol forums not sure if he posts on i think he said he does, but im not there very much so wouldnt know. his site is at...
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    B20 Long Block Swap

    and when i said extra 20 ft/lb's of torque, i meant over the b16.
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    B20 Long Block Swap

    kaotic's b20 swap was the b20z i believe. the 142 hp one. he's using an LS intake/exhaust mani, and an intake i think, and he's putting down 160 hp to the wheels, plus an extra 20 ft/lb's of torque throught the entire rpm range. which sol do you think is going to win, b16 or b20 there? if...
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    B20 Long Block Swap

    do you have internal work done?
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    vtec changeover

    also if your car is basically stock or has only bolt ons...then a vtec controller was a waste of money
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    How much boost can i feed my B18

    how do the 550's idle?
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    Turbo Mani Question

    does the dsm turbo mani bolt onto the B series blocks. i've heard yes, but not totally positive. thx for any input you can give me.
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    B20 Long Block Swap

    that has to be the STUPIDEST post i've ever heard in my life. in fact, i think i'm now stupider for hearing it. it's not the motor thats the problem in the cr-v. it's the transmission. he WONT be using a cr-v tranny, he cant. not unless he does a ton of fabricating. what he can use is any other...
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