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  1. EGProject

    EBT glitch leads to Wal-Mart stampede

    Clearly the people involved in the violent altercation were lower middle class, employed Caucasians.
  2. EGProject

    Recommendations for Easter weekend in New England

    Whatever your plans are - make sure to get; 1)REAL New England seafood, lobstah, etc. 2)Pizza from somewhere in the north-end 3)A brewery tour at Sam Adams That's all I can think of. March is a wildcard month for weather, it can be 50 degrees and sunny or snowing. In the same week...
  3. EGProject

    Ford Taurus Coupe?

    There was a company from CA that built a one-off 2-door MKIV Jetta coupe and spared no expense to make it look OEM. Legend has it the dot-matrix quarter glass from Saint Gobain cost them $8,000. Audi built a prototype 2000 A8 coupe as competition for the Merc CL600 of the time - but it never...
  4. EGProject

    Perfect Polly....... dafuq?

    I honestly thought it was a very well done fake infomercial from SNL.... Until I scrolled down and saw the website.
  5. EGProject

    Your perfect garage

    If you don't want to own an shouldn't be a car enthusiast.
  6. EGProject

    Your perfect garage

    Liking some picks here...but heres my list. I'm excluding super rare historics such as the 917/30, P330/4, Jag XJ.. 1. 1998 Ferrari F40 LM GTE (track car) 2. 1962 Ferrari 250 GT0 SWB (vintage car) 3. 1973 Porsche 911 RS 2.7 (vintage cruiser) 4. 2011 Radical SR3 SL (track whore/canyon...
  7. EGProject

    Vid I just found from my (our) summer meet...

    I was there, had an awesome time. The standoff with the park rangers at the beginning was kinda interesting. Good to see you guys stand your ground.
  8. EGProject

    Hurricane Sandy

    Went into work today and we lost high voltage right before lunch, and all power right after. Winds are gusty and the rain is steady, but certainly not as bad as Irene yet.
  9. EGProject

    IDB Racing is now a 'real' shop, update #1

    Good find on a shop that's low key without tons of signage, but simply not a pile of shit prefab building. It almost looks like it was a chain-type repair place previously. Either way, looks good. From my own experience in helping friends set of shops, I recommend epoxy floor coating (if it...
  10. EGProject

    Opening my own shop.

    High end shops - ones with REAL high end customers are usually hole-in-the wall type places with forgettable names, horrible marketing and no frills facilities. What they do have are lots of experience. A lot of restoration shops in New England (MA specifically) are hidden pretty well in small...
  11. EGProject

    Hard line air supply for shop

    Theres a company that gets plugged in all the DIY auto shows on Spike that makes a modular aluminum shop air line that uses aluminum piping coated inside and out with a plastic coating. My shop uses copper pipe.
  12. EGProject

    The Dark Knight rises

    Seeing it in IMAX (non 3D) Saturday night. So excited. Lots of good reviews out, but I'm scared to read them in case they let out too many details.
  13. EGProject

    Amazing Covers

    I know the Dubstep genre is kind of hit or miss these days, but given the amount of musicians on HS I figured people will appreciate this guy's talent. Skrillex feat Benny Benassi - Cinema Cover: Cinema - Drum Cover - Skrillex - YouTube Skrillex - Bangarang (lolwat at 1:56-2:45)...
  14. EGProject

    dubstep beatbox

    To quote a service writer at work, while I bumped Flux Pavilion out of my iPod dock at work - "It sounds like robots taking over the world."
  15. EGProject

    now, look at MY car thread.

    People always give me shit for having a car payment, but they are almost always people with $1k shitboxes who never make it anywhere without a break down.
  16. EGProject

    now, look at MY car thread.

    I have nothing but love for ya Chris, but nothing says "I've given up on life" like a Toyota Corrolla. At least its a stick shift.
  17. EGProject

    New Car Purchase

    Nice score. I almost got an employee lease plan on an S4, until we found out lease plan vehicles are a 3 month wait time and only 6 month lease. Working at a highline dealer has its perks though. Still, seems that as much as they try and hide it, every big German MFG has its huge problems...
  18. EGProject

    Went from hip hop to latin reggae,punk to now this......

    Granted I've been into electronic music for a long time, but within the last year and a half been into dubstep as kind of a guilty pleasure. Recently a friend of mine coerced me into going with him to a dubstep specific club in Providence - in the basement of a dude-bro-guy-gangsta hip hop/top...
  19. EGProject

    The Other Car Crash...

    ..happened literally right down the street from my dealership. Right infront of Jake and Joes sportsbar (seen in the clip). The skidmarks are still there and the distance the car covered while flipping is really crazy. Amazing they were only shaken up. Woman flips Corvette while exiting...
  20. EGProject

    HAARP in action

    Sure is tinfoil hats in here.... But seriously wouldn't put it past the Gov. I remember a friend telling me about how the news ran a story about some "prototype rail gun" they are testing. I looked my friend in the eye and said "so the fully operation rail gun they have been using for 5...
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