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  1. white rice

    PA WTB: EK Right AIR BAG delete tray

    as the posting says, i am looking for a air bag tray for the right side grey in color please text my cell phone as i do not get on here often 717-578-6583
  2. white rice


    also i will take an obd1 ls motor w hydro trans
  3. white rice


    i am looking to buy an obd2 b-series motor, doesnt really matter to me what bseries. also looking for hydro tranny, so maybe if someone has an obd2 swap setup or similar let me know. feel free to text me 1-717-578-6583, as i cannot get on and check this site as much as i would like to.
  4. white rice

    AZ need help!

    im almost certain it is gonna bolt right up
  5. white rice

    PA 91 ef hatch rolling chassis

    YORK, PA I have a 91 honda civic hatchback rolling chassis for sale it has a crx dash. the body is in almost perfect condition,(NO RUST, STRIGHT BODY) this car has a title from WV that is all screwed up and i have no time to mess with it. i have dont a few things to it. it was hit in the front...
  6. white rice

    IN Cleaning Garage honda parts and misc

    ef tail lights, text me with pics/price 717-578-6583
  7. white rice

    new valve cover paint. and intake tube.

    agreed, work looks nice, but way to many colors!
  8. white rice

    Street Rave Car Show Gettysburg, PA

    Show is over lock it up!!
  9. white rice

    EF MOTOR SWAP PARTOUT!!!!/ Garage sale!

    wanna sell that rad?????????
  10. white rice

    my first honda and my first swap

    you can edit your post instead of posting again. just so u know!
  11. white rice

    PA FS: brand new crx bra

    have a brand new in the box LeBra that will fit 86-87 CRX (except SI). I am looking for 50.00 and can ship but would rather local pick up. for more info contact me on here or LOWERED94JETTA@MSN.COM
  12. white rice

    engine bay?

    yea it is a good idea to paint when hot outside but its been rainy and very humid at the garage and its not a real paintbooth so i am kinda screwed till the humidity drops a lil and the rain subsides. but hoping to get it done here soon. and thats for the rep points.
  13. white rice

    engine bay?

    yea its getting sprayed body color.... its about ready to be painted hopefully next week. gotta wait for this heat wave to subside a little bit....
  14. white rice

    Honda Rot - Temporary Solutions

    i work in a body shop and have done these types of repairs daily. some of the stuff mentioned in this thread are accurate. my suggestion would be if its smaller than a quarter i would just clean what rust you can off and spray with rust converter like mentioned. if it is any bigger you will want...
  15. white rice

    90 ls ef

    nice, i plan on doing something similar
  16. white rice

    Body clips?

    the cheaper way to go other than oem is and auto paint and supply store. our local BAPS sells clips for just about everything. also there is a place called AUVEECO, they specialize in fastners/retainers
  17. white rice

    TX Brembo drilled and slotted rotors

    any idea what they go on?
  18. white rice

    will any others work/be the same

    ok well does anyone on here no for sure what ones are the same????????
  19. white rice

    will any others work/be the same

    i need a radiator support for my 91ef hatch and way wondering if any other bodys have the same radiator supports in them????????like 4 doors,crx,integ??????????? need to find out ASAP so i can go yank one from the yard
  20. white rice

    engine bay?

    ok... well as soon as i can get my radiator support and weld i in i guess ill try it flat black first and if not to nice i have the paint well just spray it body color.
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