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    92 GS-R up for sale.. CA sac

    sold.... .... .... sold
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    92 GS-R up for sale.. CA sac

    sold... 92 GS-R up for sale.. CA sac Sold... ... ... sold... ... ... soldI have a red 92 integra GS-R up for sale. 1st gen GS-R .. .. .. Asking $3750 but OBO, no Low baller......$$$$ serious buyers only no joy 201K miles V-tec kick in strong...Just pass smog...
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    usdm itr header on a DB2?

    I have a guy who is trying to sell me a usdm itr 4-2-1 header. Now I know that all b-series header will line up but, will it fit with no mod?. So will the itr 4-2-1 header line up with my stock cat? I did a search and i get different answers on the collector size for the usdm itr header. one...
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    DC cluster in a DA Help????

    I'm doing a cluster swap to a DC cluster. I Got everything working but the speed. I have installed a electronic VSS. I'm using a VSS from a civic D-Series, is that a problem? I just can't get my speed to work. What are the Pinouts for the VSS
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