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  1. BrutalB83

    2024 VW GTI 380 S

    Looks nice!
  2. BrutalB83

    Weight difference between glass windows and lexan

    My guy, this thread is 12+ years old... But welcome to HondaSwap!
  3. BrutalB83

    RIP Camaro

    Yeah, I assume that it'll be back at some point.
  4. BrutalB83

    Miata vs S2000 used car

    Damn, yeah, that looks really nice.
  5. BrutalB83

    Black Friday Deals 2023

    Finally, a man after my own TV viewing distance heart, lol. Maybe I'm an outlier, but for me, the bigger and closer, the better. I'm always wondering how people are sitting so far away from TV's that are too small.
  6. BrutalB83

    Bleh! New thing to wrench on!

    Hey. 🖐️
  7. BrutalB83

    Miata vs S2000 used car

    Yeah, I agree with E. The Miata is the correct choice. If I were to buy an S2K at this point, it would for sure be a garage queen. They're too expensive to drive around as a beater.
  8. BrutalB83

    2014 Veloster Turbo

    Nice refresh!
  9. BrutalB83

    They Did the Thing (Prelude is back as an EV)

    Haha, yeah, me too. But yes, you're right. Definitely see a bit of the 400Z there. Front end has a little 2024 Prius in it also...
  10. BrutalB83

    They Did the Thing (Prelude is back as an EV) Still just a concept for now, but it looks like a close-to-production ready concept. I don't hate how it looks.
  11. BrutalB83

    2001 Civic EX Vtec transmission into a DX transmission swap

    Different in terms of gear ratios, but they should still bolt up to either engine. Also, this thread is over a year old...
  12. BrutalB83

    2014 Veloster Turbo

    2024 would be the one to get if you want a GTI. No more manual transmissions after that. Crazy, imo.
  13. BrutalB83

    Excellent News, My Dudes!

    Well, I think the newer turbo cars use the Ktuner Flash systems. Maybe the options on those are more robust and user friendly? The flash devices can't be plugged in to my car, unfortunately. You have to solder a chip to the board, download the end user application, and tune with a laptop.
  14. BrutalB83

    Excellent News, My Dudes!

    For management, I have KTuner, which apparently sucks compared to KPro, according to the tuner. The problem is that Hondata's system for the RSX is built around the 02-04 ECU, so for 05-06 like me, it winds up being a lot more expensive because you have to source an 02-04 ECU, buy their...
  15. BrutalB83

    Excellent News, My Dudes!

    Yeah, that's what I figured, thanks. I know you can spin the blower faster with a change of pullies and that ideally you want to route to get the most amount of grip on the pullies to avoid belt slippage. Still trying to diagnose the poor idle. I'm thinking it may be as simple as this: 2...
  16. BrutalB83

    Excellent News, My Dudes!

    Yep, I was planning on doing that this weekend (checking for a vacuum leak). Yeah, it added just enough power to where I can feel the potential, and the sound is addicting. Should be a good time once I figure out exactly what I need to do to get some more boost going. I did notice that my belt...
  17. BrutalB83

    Excellent News, My Dudes!

    Welp, I got the blower in and the car runs. Needs a bit of troubleshooting, though. The idle is wandering around between 1 and 1.5k, and unfortunately this pulley that was included with the blower only makes 3.5 lbs of boost, so it's honestly pretty worthless. Dyno only showed about a 30hp bump...
  18. BrutalB83

    whats vibrating your eardrums?

    Yes, that's a great one! And yeah, I agree...looks like he has a lot of fun. Also, he's one of those guys that can do the growly voice but can also sing, which I respect.
  19. BrutalB83

    whats vibrating your eardrums?

    Anybody familiar with this guy? I've been letting his shit play a lot recently. He's from Norway, and his whole deal is metal covers of pop songs. He's got literally hundreds of them at this point. Usually puts out a new one once per week. If you watch his videos, he's a little bit...
  20. BrutalB83

    pleas help my swap

    So you're trying to put an H22 into a 2005 Civic? This is not a recommended swap. Older engines into a newer chassis are generally not a good idea. The wiring will be difficult, and there are no motor mount kits available. Generally people put a K-series engine in to this chassis. There are...
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