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    First Generation Crx Question's

    I was just wondering what aftermarket products from second generation CRX's would in theory fit on first generation CRX's. As many First genner's know..'84-'87 CRX owners don't have much aftermarket support unlike '88-'91 CRX's. I'm mainly looking for non-engine cat-back exhaust...
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    Help Me

    Also, B16A1 ANd B16A2 are different for a few internal reasons..i think B16A2 has alittle higher compression (Not 100% sure about this) but I know that B16A2 uses a Hydraulic clutch, and B16A1 uses a cable type.
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    Wont Turn Over!

    The timing can be off so much that the car will not start, like a sweet spot. Get a new battery and just cranking, change timing. Whatever you do don't stop trying to start it..its the only way you can get it started. Plus if you just transplanted it in there make sure its getting fuel, and your...
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    '86 Hona Crx

    I have an '86 CRX SI too. The Hanes Manual is awesome, it has all the codes you need. Plus it has just about all the rebuild and maintence tips and illustrations you need. If you don't want to jump up and buy one, Just e-mail me about the question at I'll be more than...
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